Friday, January 4, 2013

10 therapies = 1 good day!

New Years:

I have never taken New Year's Resolutions seriously, I actually never even make them. This year I decided to see if I could keep up with one.

I decided a few days before New Years that my goal would be to do 5 nebulizers (out of 9 a day) and jog. However, the first two days of the year I had enough time (or made enough time in my schedule) to be able to do all 10 nebulizer treatments!

So I'm going to keep doing all of them and see how long I can go. My Vest Machine is broken, so I can't do my vest. But I'm pretty active, I do theatre, dance, and even my waitressing can give my lungs a work out. So until I get the insurance to okay the new machine It should be fine.

I'm not sure how often I will jog, since it is still freezing out, but I enjoy jogging, so once I can I will be out jogging.

Doing all my meds takes quite a bit of time, I do 4 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon and 3 at night. (I'm doing ten right now, since I'm on Cayston this month). Cayston months I do 10, Tobi months I do 9, since Tobi only has to be done 2x a day. I'm not sure how they will all fit, once I'm in classes, waitressing, and with play rehearsals. But I will cross that bridge when I get there.

For now, I'm just extremely happy I got up 2 hours before work and had enough time to do them! I've also done the equivalent of 3 cans of stomach feeding each night. Clinic is in 2 months I have to get my numbers back up! In July of 2012 I was at 107 lbs and 61% lung function. Considering in 2010 I was in the 30s for lung function and dropped really low in weight for two months (below 90 lbs)... I KNOW I do not want to go back to there.

 (ps. In November I was 102 lbs, and 59 % lung function. Right now I'm 96 lbs and prolly 57% ish.) So let's see what I can do in the next two months!!! Gotta get those numbers up!!!

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  1. Awesome job with the treatments, but sorry to hear about the Vest. I have been in the 30's before and I agree that I never want to go back there! It is a scary place to be.