Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How did I breathe at U of I?

How did I breathe at U of I:

At U of I, I had a couple of really bad semesters, where I didn't do what I should.  In 2009 I had high 60s for lung function, by April of 2010 I was in the 30s.  I would hang out with friends instead of do my meds, I'd skip meals to not have to take pills in front of people.  Between my skipping meals and not doing meds, I got pretty sick. I was on and off IV meds for 3 months.  (also note: I will doing Stand Up Comedy again this Friday, which I haven't done since those months at U of I ---> yay!)

I came home (lived in my hometown) that May and got back on track. I went back to U of I for my final semester there that fall and kept on track! My roomie Stacy helped me a lot. When I think about those months where I was really underweight, low lung function, and on IVs, I know I don't want to be there again. Not that it is completely in our control, there are ways our lung function can drop that isn't related to our doing meds, etc. Getting sick, scarring in our lungs from infections, certain infections we catch, etc.

Whenever, I have a hard time breathing for an extended period of time ( a couple days or more) I always remember U of I.This last week without meds, I started off not noticing too much. Yesterday it started to really hit me. I had more asthma attacks, coughing spells, whatever you call them. Today I noticed I'm out of breath in general more.

I have been out of my meds for a week (as of tomorrow). Long story short, my prescriptions ran out, by the time I got them printed, faxed, the dr sent the orders, the pharmacy confirmed and I could re-order it was 3 days later (Friday). And now they seem to be taking forever to ship. (and I'm waiting for my new vest, my old one broke a couple weeks ago). haha, go figure. I got nothing clearing out my lungs or helping me breath right now.

This week has been a little tougher, but now I'm really starting to notice how much harder it is to breathe and how much more often I'm coughing. Then I think back to a couple semesters I had a U of I. I got really off track for a while at U of I and I can't believe I was okay with that. I'm sooo looking forward to my meds arriving! Never thought I'd say that!!

So to those of you who donated towards our CF walk, I will be restarting my 2nd week of the CF Challenge. :-) And continue (I believe we have another 1.5 weeks after that already fundraised! Also, I got our brochures in the mail!


  1. Cheriz!!!

    I do not like the sound of not having those meds or the vest. Do you have a hil rom vest?

    They have awesome customer care so I would be surprised if it would take them that long to send a new one. I have received a new one basically overnight.

    Those meds are so important to you Cheriz and WE both know that. I hope they come in very soon for you my friend!

    1. I know, I'm soo glad they finally came! As far as the vest, Hil rom is talking to my insurance first ot make sure they will pay for the new one. My old one is from the early 90s. But I can jog, etc :-)