Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm not a number, I'm a person!

I'm not a number, I'm a person!

Don't get me wrong, numbers are VERY important to me. The numbers ofmeals I eat, the number of Calories I take in, The number of lbs. I weigh and most importantly that single number that points out my % of lung function.

So I live by numbers, but it doesn't mean I like to be treated like a statistic! I had a certain Surgeon for many years when I was younger. Let's call him Dr. Powelson (close to his real name...but not quite it). Well, Dr. Powelson, oh he was good at what he did, but had no bedside manner at all.

I remember when I had to get my stomach tube (like long connector tube) taken out and my first bard button put in. He literally just yanked it out and jabbed the other one in. No warning, nothing. He was never very nice about anything and I remember him complaining a lot about how he didn't like to "work on us CFers."

Well, about 1 year and a half ago I went to see him because I had a hernia (which I have had two surgically already fixed when I was younger.). Dr. Powelson told me he'd rather not do it, since CFers are at risk, that statistically speaking it wasn't worth the odds. And that I could just take it easy, and not dance as much. Seriously, not dance, take it easy. WHAT in HELL? He apparently does not know me. I'm not about to sit around on my butt because some surgeon is scared I will screw up his perfect record and croak on the table. RIDICULOUS! Not dance....

So I let it go, and for the most it has disappeared and reappeared once in a while. But I mentioned to Dr. Boas about it and he referred me to Dr. Cohen. I went today to get his advice on my stomach tube and the hernia.

Stomach Tube, found out over time the tube wears away at the edge of my stomach making the hole bigger, but since the tube stays the same same size it leaks. Sometimes it will heal itself, but since I've had mine for so long, I may need to just order a bigger size tube. Which the thought of continually getting bigger tubes freaks me out. When I'm 50 what size feeding tube will I have??!! I picture it kinda gauged ears...which is me being dramatic of course. But still....ewwww.

Dr. Cohen told me his daughter has a feeding tube, I didn't think it polite to ask why. But I have an odd feeling his daughter may have CF. Dr. Boas and him seem pretty tight. So maybe my doctor is also his daughters doctor. And, he seemed to know all the risks about Anthesthia and CF. He wants to discuss it with and get the okay from Dr. B before he goes ahead and does the surgery. Oh, and lucky me, I don't have one hernia. I have two. The old mesh is probably not working and faulty, which is why it has to be fixed.

Not looking forward to having mesh put in both sides of my groan again, I remember how I felt after it last time still. But, if it means I can dance and waittress again with no worries, let's do it!

No working/serving for 2-3 weeks though, I will definetly finagled a deal where I can at least host. I'm not going 3 weeks without paychecks!!!! Plus, I will have to drive to school, carry books, and that shouldn't happen for a week or two after.. I always break the rules, I hate sitting around. I can't even sit still for a whole movie!

The scar isn't very big, but they are putting a camera in just under my belly button. Which means my wearing tankinis swimming suits are now out of the question. Tankinis hide my stomach scars, but still show my belly button and some of my stomach. So I'm a lil bummed, the one "nice section" of my stomach will now look just as "operation board game-ish" as the rest. (I have a friend who always tells me I'm hardcore, so whenever I'm bummed about something like that, I think it's okay, its just proof I'm more "hardcore"- I use that friends saying a lot, when I have to do painful things.)

 AND claps that I went 8 years without a surgery! I used to have an average of 1 every year or two years! :-) And now, I have anaamzing surgeon, who explained  everything and who I feel I can completely trust to do the right thing and now how to keep me safe in surgery! :-) Love my doctor, he gave me such a good referral!

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  1. This was great Cheriz I wish u the best on your upcoming surgery!!! I love awesom drs makes are life easier!