Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kinda Bummed, I can't jog :-(

Bummer, Man:

So, I just got a treadmill (thanks to some awesome family I have) and I really, REALLY want to get started on my jogging. However, dun dun dun...

Guess what is back. My CF- related Arthritis/ or whatever it is. I don't think this is CF Arthritis anymore... Dr. B wants me to gets some tests done and see a Rheumatologist, to see if it is Arthritis related. I have no clue though.

Here is a link to an article about CF-Related Arthitis :HERE

The past few days I have been sore, but yesterday, I woke up and I felt stiff and it hurt to move a lot. By the time I got off work I could barely move. I got rides to AppleBees (to turn in paperwork for my 2nd job) and by dinner time it was fading in and out how much it hurt. I hung out with some friends last night and it wasn't too bad. However, when I woke up I had the hives/spots on my legs and arms, and it hurt to move.

At work, I was scheduled as a Host, but ended up serving too, because we were short staffed and got really busy. Andrea carried my big trays, but I don't think the running around helped. Now, I have more spots (on my legs/arms) and it hurts more.

The weird thing is.... My back has never bothered me before, just legs and arms mostly, sometimes hips.  [picture on right: some spots today after work]
But today my Spine (not my whole back, not the muscle, but exactly where my spine is) is really bothering me. My joints are a little swollen, I have lots of spots, and I have a fever... hmmmmm...

I left a message for my Doctor (office is closed on weekends, so he will get it monday). I refuse to call the Dr. B (emergency number) on wknds and bother him/ take time from his family and kids, unless I know I need emergency surgery. That's always been my rule. Since this doesn't call for surgery, and since nowhere will see me til Monday anyway... I'll just chill for now.

Tonight, My friend Sarah is bringing us dinner (so I don't have to cook) and we are going lounge and watch movies. Tomorrow I work lunch/host, then I can rest for a couple hours during a LOST marathon with Mom (2-6pm) and head off to play practice. Hopefully, it will disappear by Monday, because I start working both jobs then and I don't want to take off any time! Need to pay the bills :-)

Also, my surgery is scheduled for around March 11th :-) I'll keep you all updated on what this is, any CFers out there that have CF-Related Arthritis (how bad does it get for you? does your spine hurt? do you get a fever?) Thanks!

I can't wait til this is figured out and I can start jogging, weight lifting, and focusing on getting healthier!


  1. Oh my goodness!! This happened to me SEVERAL times in college, but no doctor could figure out what it was - even my CF docs said they had never seen it before. I was told there was a chance it was somehow related to my CF, but they really couldn't tell me anything conclusive. It always started out around my ankles, they would swell up like crazy (and anything that required a deep ankle bend would hurt almost to tears - stairs were impossible!), then eventually the little red dots would spread up my legs - some of them would hurt, but some would just be painless dots. I don't remember my spine hurting, but it's definitely possible I had a slight fever. I tried ice and prescription-strength doses of Ibuprofen, but it seemed like nothing but time really helped. :/

    I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this now! :( Especially with all you have going on! It hasn't happened to me in a few years and I never figured out what triggered it. The only correlation I could ever come up with (in my highly uneducated observations) was that the hives/dots/swelling always seemed to start when I went a few weeks without taking my vitamins and supplements (I was not exactly the ideal patient in college, haha). Thank you for the CF-related arthritis information - very enlightening! Let me know if they figure out that's what it is! Best of luck, and I hope you feel better soon so you can get started on that running goal! :)

    1. Thanks. And I will let you know what I find out. But hopefully they will go away soon, serving is difficult when it happens. But, I got 20% tips at all my tables yesterday, so I must of pulled it off :-)

      I hope this doesn't ever come back for you. And YES, I can't wait to start jogging again! :-)

  2. Not sure the difference between CF-related arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, but have you ever considered ace braces. (Bandages work too, but braces that are designed for the affected joints are best.) When my RA is acting up I find using braces on my joints offers a lot of relief and helps give my joints the needed support to get through the day. I also find putting a heating pad on my joints helps relieve the pain a lot. (The relief usually doesn't last very long after removing the heat, but when my arthritis is flaring I have trouble falling asleep and the heat lets that happen.)

    1. Thanks Kym! you always have such good tips! I'm not sure either about the differences. I haven't had much trouble sleeping, because with CFRA I get a fever and really tired too, so I pass out as soon as I'm in bed. But braces would probably help for sure. I'll have to look into and I'm going to be talking to Dr. B tomorrow too. So :-) (haha, although when I got my leg brace off when I 10 I vowed to never where any kind of brace ever again...LOL)

  3. Hi Cheriz, great blog and congrats on your 1yr anniversary! I hope your joints are feeling a bit better now. I had several bouts of swollen joints and rash (sometimes with fever) a few years ago too. It was not pleasant. I saw a rheumatologist who put me on fish oil for the underlying inflammation, which helped a bit. I think it is a kind of auto-immune problem as our immune systems get so stressed out with the chronic bacterial infection and repeated antibiotics. I am happy to say that my joints have been fine since I started boosting my glutathione levels. It has taken down all the inflammation in my body and strengthened my immune system. Glutathione is our body's own powerful anti-inflammatory, but in CF our glutathione levels are depleted (check out for info). My joints are fine now and my chest is much clearer too. :) Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance. Good luck.