Monday, January 14, 2013



I have signed up for 3 Greatstrides Walks this year!! I usually bring a couple friends to two of the walks. But, one is very local this year!

There is a walk only 15 mins away (next closest is an hour), so this is very exciting!

I'm really trying to keep on top of doing all my meds. These past few days I have missed some, but overall still doing well.

HOWEVER, I wanted to add some motivation I couldn't resist! Fundraising for the CF Foundation, for researching for a cure, etc.

SO, I proposed this challenge:

For every $100 my team or I raise for my walks (any of them) I will do a full weeks worth of meds! (this includes at least 2 cans of feeding a night and all 10 nebulizers everyday!)

(and if we had coporate or large sponsors/donations those count too)

Last year my team raised $1,200 at one walk and $75 at my smaller one. If we only raised that much this year I would have to do all my meds for roughly 3 months!

We started fundraising and registering for the Walk (June 1, 2013) last week! We have raised $300 so far! :-) I hope that my health will motivate my team to fundraise as much as their contributions will motivate me to be healthy!

PLUS at the end of the year maybe we can see a difference in my Clinic/ Tests Results!!!!!!

To donate or register with my team for our Hollowayville Walk (our main one this year) click HERE!

I also started a Facebook Event: click HERE to read the info!

And of course, a pciture of my team from last year's Peoria Walk! Thanks everyone for donating, helping, and walking- It really means a lot! :-)

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