Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Problems With Weight and Exercise


I have been talking with a friend a lot about my trouble gaining weight (it doesn't help my feeding pump isn't working). I'll get my rental/replacement soon, so no worries there. But I've been looking up lots of information on the internet about gaining weight, and CF/weight gaining issues. Which I have always had ( I've had a stomach tube since I was 14).

I've gotten some great tips. I think one big problem is that I'm always on the go, and only home long enough to do my meds in the morning, afternoon, and at night. I forget to eat a lot. Sometimes at work I will order something, but then will be in such a rush at night, I forget dinner.

For example: Today, I was running behind while doing my meds, because I had errands to run (banks, bills, store, etc), so I skipped breakfast and ate a 75 calorie breakfast bar. At lunch I ate a bowl of soup, which the cook (at work) informed me was a "wise" choise...hahaha. I work at a place "Wise Guys"...haha..ok corny joke... Anyway, It had some calories in that (online estimate: 300). Then I went from work (did my meds) then went straight to training for my 2nd job. I got home just now, and totally forgot about dinner. So total I had 380 calories today. I'm gonna bring that number up before I go to sleep tonight though. But some days I don't even realize it, And that is not going to cut it with me waitressing four hour shifts at AppleBee's. So I need to start thinking about quick meals. My doctor has told me I need to at least double the normal intake of calories for a person(if not more).

 Another Big Problem I have with my gaining weight is Food has gotten boring again. I have had food shoved at me for soooo long, that I get sick of it. It's like I'm no longer eating for the joy of eating, but look at is as calories. Which makes it a thing I have to do (another chore, or medical obligation sort of) and don't enjoy it as much. When I do find something I really like, I will look forward to eating though, like the soup we had at work. YUM! But  I guess getting bored of eating food happens sometimes with CFers, I have been researching this too online. It happens off and on with me. Most of the time Doctors give the CFer a Appetite Stimulate.

I don't want to have to take a pill to boost my appetite though, since I want to the keep the number of pills I take to a minimum ( i don't even take tylenol!!! I only take the pills I have to in order to keep my body working). So I need to find some more foods I love and will enjoy eating again, espeically ones that are easy for me to make!

GOOD NEWS: I now have a treamill (thanks to my awesome family) and I'm planning on training/lifting weights with my friend 2 or 3 xs a week (he's a personal trainer) and he is going to help me gain muscle/weight!
So that will help! I will have to take in extra calories for the ones I burn jogging on the treadmill, etc. But we will see how it all goes, I'll figure out a schedule and It will work out really well I think!
Side Note: Donate or Join my Walk: HERE Team CF2 keep fundraising for our walk! I have 1.5 weeks left of having to do all of my meds, keep the CF Challenge going!
Sorry, this was long, but I've been thinking about my weight and clinic is coming up. I've been talking a lot to Stacey about this and its been on my mind. So there it is :-)


  1. You should try Cliff bars. They're about the size of a deck of cards so they can easily go in a bag, have tons of protein, vitamins, etc. and have about 200-240 calories each. There are a lot of flavors too so it should help a bit with the getting bored part. They're very dense so you'll want something to drink, but a meal you can eat in five minutes is nice when you're short on time.

    1. I like the banana ones. I was eating Kind and Cliff and Lara bars a couple months ago, but then I stopped. I love liquids, like I eat stews, soups, fruit, etc the best. So I've been trying to drink high cal drinks with protein powder in them. I should buy some more cliff bars too though and give it another go! I gotta do something, I was down to 93 lbs. I'm probably back to 95 lb though now. :-)Thanks!