Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy 1 year Blog!

Happy 1 year Blog and Chicago!

Today is the mark of one full year of blogging! I started my blogging on Feb 12, 2012.  I was told I should share my experiences about living with CF with others, and there it started. To learn about me, read my summary on my life/ Cf/ Med problems Click HERE  and to read my first few blog entries Click HERE!

I hope everyone has loved reading and being a part of my blog. As of Today I have had over 7,765 visits on my site in the past year. My first few blogs averaged 15- 20 views per entry. Now I range between 60-80 views per blog. I'm pretty happy that it seems people have enjoyed reading. As long as people continue to follow my blog, I will continue writing!

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went to Chicago. On Saturday we got up there in the early evening and hung out with a couple friends. Then we went to dinner at The Signature Room (95th Floor of the Hancock Building). It was amazing, the food, the company, and the veiw of course!

Here was our veiw:

 We walked around Chicago for a bit both days and sunday we went to Navy Pier to see Julius Caesar at the Shakespear Theatre! The play was amazing! And I had a lot of fun this weekend. It is weird to think how few times I have actually been in Chicago, while all my life living a few hours away. We got back late on Sunday, I did some homework and fell asleep, what an ending to an amazing weekend...lol

Even with the busy weekend I got my meds done and I didn't lose any weight. In fact I gained a pound. I weigh 94 ish now! I have to focus on health, work, school, the plays I'm in, and applying to grad schools. I have no time to worry about housework. So as I sit here, doing therapies and blogging, I can see things I need to put away or do. It is annoying, because honestly, I like to clean (if I can listen to and dance to music). Cleaning is instant gratification and it can be fun. But sadly, my house it going to get messy this week. Saturday I can clean it in the morning though! When does everyone else clean? At night before bed, throughout the day, I never have the time and lately nor the energy to get myself to do it, except on my days off. My days off turn into massive cleaning binges (my house is never that dirty, I'm just a lil obsessive about it).

Also, once my weight it 98 ish I'm going to start hard core jogging again. And next week I hope to start lifting weights with a friend of mine (he's a trainer/body builder), so he's going to help me out. Maybe, I can get some muscle on my scrawny arms. yay!

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