Monday, February 25, 2013

Mornings come too early.

Mornings come to early.

The things about mornings that drives me nuts, is it is the one single thing about CF I dislike the most. I don't mind CF most of the time. But in mornings....ugh.

A night, when I'm doing therapies, I'm already getting ready for bed/in bed and I can read, do homework, etc. Not as big of a deal.

But knowing when my alarm goes off at 5 or 5:30 am, just because I have an  hours worth of treatments to do, its gets old. Its not much a of a motivation to get up on time. Which is where I run into trouble. I will tell myself, "well If I didn't have to do therapies or have CF, I could of slept another hour, probably two (do to losing one during the treatmensts before beds). Then I roll over and will sleep through my morning meds.

Ruh Roh, alarm goes off again. I jump out of bed. "CRAP!" I grab my therapy machine and end up only doing two of my 4 nebulizers most mornings (plus I skip my vest) and I'm doing them while blow drying my hair and putting on make up on the bathroom. So when I come home I always find my therapy machine on the kitchen Good place for it. :-) It does save time though!

I don't skip them all the time, but on nights when I get home from play practice at midnight, or I work late, or get home from night class after 10pm, I will tend to skip the next morning.

But here is my proof that this morning, this girl did them all! And I'm going to keep trying to do them! I've noticed the last two days having the vest working again has helped a lot. I definetly need to keep using it more!

Also note: I'm sharing this pic of me with no make up on and yep that is my hair sticking out everywhere. This is the real me every morning!


  1. Way to go!! I know it's tough getting out of bed - but in the long run- it will be/ is totally worth it!!! :)

  2. haha, I know. I'm pretty proud. I even had time to eat breakfast! :-)