Sunday, February 3, 2013

Updates and Cystic Fibrosis Clinic.

An Update:

I have my next CF Clinic this Thursday! Yipes, I'm a lil concerned. I didn't have my therapies for a week, so I'm gonna have to work really hard the next 4 days to get my lungs in better shape. Also, weight wise, not what I was hoping for. But otherwise, I'm doing good!

Its sooo weird how fast I can drop weight. Seriously, a couple days ago while weighing myself at mom's I weighed 98 lbs. I need to get back up to 107 again (dr. B wants 115).

However, today this is my weight:
Not sure how I dropped so much, especially since yesterday I had breakfast, lunch, steak n shake last night (with some friends) And I even hung out with a friend and had a couple beers last night. I didn't jog, or do any dance practices, just work, and went saw a show. Calorie wise, I shouldn't have lost any weight yesterday.

[side note: I don't drink much or often, but I did start drinking in 2012, when my dr. gave me the "green light" and said it is okay sometimes; But in no way do I think it is the best idea for every CFer, due to liver issues/ liver transplants. Be smart and Safe.]

 Guess, I'm just going to keep working at my weight, maybe start drinking nutiritional drinks before work. I think between waitressing and running around between classes and play practices the weight just melts off. 

Ps. Did you all notice my awesome socks :-)

Otherwise, I'm doing great. I'm back into the swing of doing my CF Challenge (read about it here!) Excited about the plays I'm in, keepin up with homework and work related stuff. Started to do a little jogging, not too much since my weight is low. My Stomach Tube is a lot better than it was and my surgery for the double hernias is March 12th @ 6:30 am. I have spring break from classes that week, then I will take off a couple days for work too. So that should work out perfect! Yay!

Everything is coming together very nicely :-)


Happy SuperBowl Sunday!

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  1. Good luck at clinic. Sorry you didn't have your meds for so long :( It is hard to miss any treatments let alone a week. And hey, what is life without a few beers once in a while ;)