Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1 missed play, 3 hospitals, and 6 mouth swabs later..

Surgery got cancelled, I sick...

I know great timing right? Thursday night we had our dress rehearsal for the play I was supposed to be in... 

I was a pregnant, bossy, loud wife in the play (haha: picture to left).

 I had a 103 fever when I got home. Friday Morning my throat and mouth hurt and I was extremely tired. I went to the doctor and they did strep and mono tests. Later found out they were negative. The Doctor at Perry Memorial Hospital said to rest, get fluids, and gave me an anitbiotic.

So by Saturday night I'm still at 103 fever, I'm feeling way worse. I had NO energy. Literally, at one point walking from the back of my apt to the living room, Andrew had to scoop me up and carry me. (ps. He stayed with me from Thurs Night-Today -Tues taking care of me, I'm one lucky lady) Well, Satuday night I start to have pain my mouth and throat (And they looked horrible). I had spots/lesions all over, like ewwwww... I'm beyond dehydrated at this point since I hadn't been able to drink or eat anything since thursday (due to tongue and throat being swollen/sore). Also, now my breathing is getting harder and Andrew decides I need to go to the ER,which I did...

BUT we all know I hate being admitted. So I agreed to go if he got a 2nd person's opinion. Go figure my mom and his mom both want me to go.

So off back to Perry we go.  HERE IS THE FUNNY PART. I get to Perry's ER, and here is the conversation between me and the doc (roughly what I remember, etc)

Doc: you just started the meds, you've only had 3 doses. you need to give time. do you understand?
Me: Yes, but I haven't been able to eat or drink and my breathing is worse.
(they took my pulse-ox, which was 88!!!!!!! 92 is considered low, I usually am 97-98)
Doc: o2 is 88, that's acceptable. And your lungs sound good, so keep talking the anitbiotic, by some spray at walmart to numb the throat in order to get fliuds. Do you understand?
Me: Yes, I just thought cuz it was getting worse, and I was feeing worse...
Doc: (repeats what he said) Alright, the nurse will be in to finish and then you can go.

Yep, They sent me home. So at this point I know I need to be hospitalized,
but the insurance won't pay for more than one ER visit in a night. So I made the decision for us to go home, sleep, then the next morning drive to Illinois Valley Community Hospital's ER. Well, I woke up having an extremely hard time breathing, and apparently I had that " gonna have a seizure/pass out look" I get before I have a low oxygen induced seizure. So Andrew packed everything and took me to IVCH.

IVCH got me into the ER right way, their nurse saw my oxygen level, asked me my normal level, then put me on oxygen, my o2 went up to 98, where is should be. They looked at my throat and mouth, took some blood. He came back said that my white cells were down, I had some virus, which would need to be determined later and that i DID, indeed, need to be admitted. They called my CF Doc and decided to keep me there at least overnight  and then depending on how I'm doing I may or may not get shipped to Chicago.

Well long story short, I have a viral infection, which in turn caused the Thrush.I won't post pictures its gruesome looking, so if you are squemish skip the next couple sentences. My mouth has tons of white sores and open lesions in it and my tongue is covered in yellow crap (fungus) My lips have sores, but now have scabbed. My jaw and throat were swollen too, now not so much and I can talk better now too.

AND good news now is I get to go home if I can have NO fever for 72 hrs and eat decent semi solid food. Today I still had a 101 fever tonight and I'm still only able to do water, broth, and milk.

So my surgery that was supposed to happen, is gonna be rescheduled. On the upside I will get plenty of R and R while in the hospital over my spring break and its very nice I won't miss classes :-) Plus, my boyfriend stayed in both hospitals with me, and he even played guitar and sang me songs! I knew I was the luckiest girl, but this weekend reminded me why. I don't know what I would have done without him!

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  1. Crazy story!! Can't believe how irresponsible Perry Memorial can be. I love your upbeat attitude, though. Keep it up!

  2. That sounds like Perry, but I'm glad you are getting the care you need now and hopefully get to see you in class on monday :) get well soon!

  3. I can't believe Perry is still that horrible. I was hoping after 10 years they'd have improved. Sorry to hear you're feeling miserable. Get better soon.