Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cancelled surgery and seizures


 My surgery got cancelled. My Dr. didn't clear me for it. Bummerz So I'm gonna have to push it back til summer. I can't afford  to miss another two weeks of classes and work right now anyway. 

I would have loved to get it done with. And my waitressing and dancing in the play will make it worse over time. So that's :-( But it will be fine until classes are over and then I will try scheduling it again.

Plus side: My sister will be home in the summer, so she can stay with me if I need her to.up having a Planet of the Apes Marathon is awesome! She is a Music Teacher at a private Catholic School and teaches Elementary Music PreK- 8th, Choir and Band!  Side Note: I won't miss classes, or more rehearsals. If I had it this week I prolly would still be not 100% by my birthday. AND I have more time to get my weight and lung function up before then.

 OTHER craziness:

I've been having more of my seizure things. I  have two types: 1. sometimes I'm just really slow- motion, like it takes me a while to connect what people are saying, etc. I feel tired and shaky and my breathing is shallow.  Type 2. The worse kind. Never last more than a few minutes, I think. I'm not sure. I go completely numb. I sometimes shake, I think cuz I'm not breathing well. Sometimes I forget to breath and then I gasp, Sometimes I can talk, If they are really bad I can't talk ( i have spoken gibberish before). Since I go numb, I get confused to where I am, if I'm alone. My eyesight gets weird. I feel like I'm not in my body almost. So I freak out. I hate being alone when it happens, but I feel bad when I'm with someone. There isn't much anyone can do for me, except remind me to take deep breaths.

The Neurologist said a couple years ago that they were due to mostly lack of oxygen, prolly mixed with lack of sleep and calories. He thinks its my body's way of warning me I'm in crash mode. So bottom line, there wasn't much he said besides "do what I should" and then he took my license away for 6 months.

So I'm not sure if I want to go back. BUT... If I keep having them, I will. Cuz after I have them I crash and sleep and don't feel well the rest of the day. I can't have a headache and sleep all day after having them. Besides, if I do that, then I'm not eating or doing all my meds too and that makes it worse... what a cycle.

However, I just got out of the hospital and then I went right back to classes and didn't really take it easy. So maybe that in a combination with the fact I have been coughing more (AKA: my lungs are crappy, maybe I'm lil sick ) could have triggered the series of seizures the past two days.

So we'll see what happens. I'm doing everything I need to today. Hopefully, they disappear. If not I'm not on my work schedules this week, I could make an appt.  Keep ya posted!

Oh and I excitingly got to see some of my friends this weekend for the FIRST time since getting sick two weeks ago! We saw a play, sang some karaoke, and went out for food! Good stuff :-)


  1. I'm glad you are I wouldn't know what I would do without you love Laura B :)