Sunday, March 17, 2013

Home from Hospital, its great, but a lil tough.

Home from the Hospital

As you read in my last blog, some craziness happened, I got really sick and had to cancel my surgery. Which means I will be rescheduling that for May! I got a virus, which covered the inside of my mouth and throat in sores. Then I got Thrush, which covered my tongue... And then I got a sinus infection. I got transfered to a hospital in Chicago and have been camping out there over my spring break!

BUT... I'm home!!!!!! I have had no fever for a few days, my sores are gone, my tongue finally looks human again. Although, It was kinda cool looking, I could have been some strange alien on star trek :-)

I'm soooo glad to be home. But, now comes the "at home adjusting"; where I have to clean my house, cuz its a mess from me being sick. I have to de-bug my house so I don't get sick again, I gotta remember to take all the new meds they put me on, as well as my old. And make sure I have time to do my nebulizers and stomach feeding, etc. Also, I gotta pay all the bills I have received while in the hospital, but have no paycheck for the last week and a half... luckily, I know how to save money and cut corners :-)  I find it tough when I first come home, cuz I don't want to take it easy, I want to plunge right into my regular lifestyle. But I get wore down faster at first and have to remember I'm not 100%, which is hard for me to take. I really dislike not being able to keep up with my life. And sometimes that can be the most frustrating part of CF. I don't let it stop me, but when I get ill, it always slows me down for a while. As a CFer we are used to getting sick and being in the hospital for a week or 2 or a month at a time, but it never gets easier.

I got home late last night :-)

Today, I got the house picked up, fridge cleared out, dished done, 3 loads of laundry, and bathroom wiped down. I still have a lot of homework tonight, but I should be able to finish it while doing the rest of my nebulizers.

Other than being extremely tired still and kinda low energy, I feel pretty good :-) Very excited to get back to classes, my jobs, and play practices. I have missed everyone dearly and I can't wait to be 100% again!


  1. Glad you are on the mend! I have the same issue after getting sick- I want to jump right back into life and make up for lost time, but CF doesn't make that easy. Hope you feel 100% soon.

  2. Hey Cheriz, gosh it's been a little while since I stopped over at your blog and have some catching up to do. Sorry to hear you have not been well, it all sounds awful! :( But so glad to hear you are doing better and love the positive attitude you have! Hope you back to 100% really soon!