Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One week til my surgery (all the details).

One more week!

I've had many surgeries throughout my life ( 14 ish I believe). Most due to intestinal twisting and complications. I've had a couple mediports ( a disc, that is an automatic IV Line in my chest), stomach tube, etc. Not a big deal, right? Just another surgery. Here is an article about the surgery they are doing on me too: Read It Here! - Double Inguinal Hernia Repair.

Not a big deal, Right... totally.

I have an amazing surgeon, who is VERY talented and really cares about the patients.. unlike the last guy I went to see about this problem. I knew I needed a new mesh put in, I could tell the hernia (both sides of my groan) repairs both needed to be fixed.  The last surgeon, said I was too much of a "risk" and thought I should just "take it easy, stop dancing, etc" .... HA HA HA. no way. That's ridiculous. I blogged about him and his "amazing" bed side manner in This Blog!

I'm sooo thankful to have this new surgeon! I can't wait to just get this over with, I have been putting it off for almost 2 years, working on getting my health up more. I'm almost back to the health I was at in 2003 when I had my last surgery.

2003! Isn't that crazy! I had sooo many surgeries as a child, yet, I haven't had one in 10 years. I think that might be why I'm a lil nervous. In 2003 I had a major medical emergency/ surgery and it was bad. You know its not good, when friends who never visit the hospital come up to see you.

So that is my last memory of a surgery. I remember having complications with the anesthesia, etc. However, It was a major surgery and it was a horrific night. I wrote about that emergency/ambulance trip, etc and the surgery in This Blog Here!

Bottom Line: The surgey is not a major surgery, its not an emergency, I'm really healthy right now, and I have spring break to heal. It should all work out perfectly. I think my dad, mom, and boyfriend are all going to be there.  I just wanted to keep everyone posted on what the surgery was for and why I may be a lil nervous, which I think is irrational of me. But, that's okay.

I'm just glad I got all my pre-surgical testing done today!

And best news of the day, a Cyster (CF online friend) got her new lungs a couple days ago and she is off the vent and breathing on her own now! <3

found this on pinterest the other day and thought of her and all the fibros and cysters waiting for lungs and fighting to keep their lungs!!

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  1. Sorry about the bed side on that last surgeon. i'm glad you moved on and found one who is passionate about his patients!
    Best wishes <3