Saturday, March 2, 2013

Crazy week, but a friend got new lungs, yay!

Rashes, Scrapes The Play, and Got Some GOOD News Today:

My days have been soo random and roller coaster-ish lately. Which is fine, it keeps life interesting, and have ups and downs everyday is a lot better than just having plain ol bad days.

But for example the other night, I aced my exam (good), enjoyed play practice, found our a friend was admitted for CF problems, and I started having my allergic reaction to the med I'm on. This was within a couple hours of each other. It was crazy.

And today, I worked at both jobs and made pretty good tips! Which was awesome. However, I do look like a weirdo cuz i have a rash that keeps appearing. Which I think I have figured out what I'm allergic to, I started a couple new pills 2 weeks ago, so Dr. B and I will discuss it Monday over the phone and all will be well.. (my legs were pure spots/rash, sorry bad picture!)

And I lost my balance tonight and  I fell stepping down into my garage (2 steps, yep, lame). Landed with the step in my back and of course I try to catch myself. Bad Idea, I scraped my arm up... I'm so glad for the play I wear long sleeves and no shorts. Otherwise I'd be in full body make-up!

I'm very excited about the play being next weekend! Its a great cast, its a small cast of like 6 people, but it has been a lot of fun!

BUT THEN I get home, log into Facebook to find out my Cyster (friend I met online with CF), Alyssa has received her new lungs and is stable in the ICU! She has been patiently waiting for new lungs, I'm excited for her to get this 2nd chance! I hope and pray she continues to recover well and fast! Seriously, seeing the update online made my night :-)

How exciting for her, her family and friends!

Tomorrow night we start tech week for the show! Hope to see some family and friends there either (Wed- Family Night), or one of the nights it performs (Fri-Sun)! This week is going to be a lot of fun! <3

And in a couple weeks my arthritis [note: the appointment went well, but they have to rule out all other diseases/causes first. so willl let you know when I do] will start to be figured out, my surgery will be over, my exams will be over, one play will be done with, and life will become a lot simpler. OOOOH and I'm signing up for another 5K in June! Keep you posted on that! :-)

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