Friday, April 5, 2013

Doing All My Meds, say Wha?? :-)

On Track:

I've done all my meds since last Saturday! Wow, a full week!!! Which means I have finished my 5th FULL week! I'm participating in a CF fundraising Walk and my I promised everyone that for each $100 raised I will do a full week of meds! So far we have raised $645 (online) so I have another full week of skipping NOTHING to go! I will count cash/checks when they are turned in (either before or at walk).

I'm going to add that for every 5 new walkers registered I will do a full week as well! So join the walk and get four family or friends to join us too and I will do another full week!

We currently have 20 members, so anyone who joins starting now will be counted!

I know, I know, "you should do all your meds anyway..."  I try. But it is hard to stick to it. Late at night when I'm tired after play practice I want to just fall asleep. I don't want to stay up another hour to do meds. But knowing my family and friends have been actively getting people to join or raising money, reminds me how much everyone cares and reminding me why I do them in the first place!

Doing all my meds, man, I'm hoping to keep this up and stay on track!

I'd love to start jogging more. I haven't had much time. Now, I'm back to work, school, still in the play, and don't have a lot of spare time and when I do... I sleep. Sleep=good. Being back doing everything has been wearing me out a bit, but I LOVE being back and eventually I will get used to it!
And the play and school ends soon, so this summer I should have lots more time!

Very much looking forward to summer! And hoping my Clinic next month shows some increase in my numbers (since I'm doing sooo many meds, etc)!!! It should pay off! :-)

To join or donate to my Team (and help add another full week of meds) click HERE!!!

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