Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthdays and the talk about Relationships

Birthday :

Today is my boyfriend's birthday!!!!! I hope it is a great day for him, he deserves it! I know a lot of times CFers discuss the problems CF can create in relationships. It can cause stress and take a lot of time away from the free time to go to the movies or out to eat (or whatever). In the past, I've had relationships where I tried to hide my CF or put in on the "back burner" I'd tend to lose weight and my lung function takes a hit too. In the last relationship I was in dropped really low in weight and my lung function dropped to the 30s. With Andrew this isn't the case, its actually quite the opposite!

How Andrew can be consider the "ideal" boyfriend for someone with Cystic Fibrosis (basically a list of everything he does for me and things I'm thankful for!
The List: 
  • He went to culinary school and cooks me yummy high calorie food 
  • He makes my meds and stomach feeding for me at night if I'm tired or busy
  • He calls us a Tag Team and says its part of his job to help me do my meds, even though I think he shouldn't have to deal with it, he just repeats that we are a team and we do things together.
  • He reminds me of my goals and we keep each other on track.
  • I can tell him anything I'm thinking.
  • He does Manual Chest Percussion Therapy (CPT) on me if I need it
  • He always is looking out for me
  • He reminds me even when CF is frustrating me of all the positives in my life. 
  • He cares enough to tell me when I'm running around to much and reminds me I will get sick
  • He has taken me to ER a couple times already and has stayed with me in the hospital
  • He sang me songs and played guitar for me while I was in the hospital
  • I always know he cares and is there for me
  • Basically he makes sure I have what I need in order to stay healthy, but he also knows how make me smile and laugh too!
Andrew has already had to deal with a lot in the past 6 months: I've been sick some, a lot more recently and it was pretty bad when I went into the hospital, arthritis flare ups, seizures, and had to hear about insurance complaints, seen a friend go through a lung transplant, and many more things. Yet he doesn't complain and just says he doesn't mind, that it doesn't bother him. That he loves me and if he has to deal with medical stuff and other issues, then that's just part of it.  He also reminds me how my CF has me a stronger individual and helps me to focus on the positives CF has done for me over the years!

So Thank you to my Wonderful Boyfriend Andrew! Happy Birthday, I love you. Hope today is everything you would want it to be! :-)

-Cfers don't hide your CF or try to keep your boyfriend separate from it. I didn't think I'd find someone who can balance the medical with everyday aspect of relationships. Don't settle for relationships that take away from your medical care. You can have both and still have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship that makes you happy and healthy!

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  1. Two lucky people - I'm happy for both of you!