Sunday, May 26, 2013

Epic Fail. I know...I know... Sorry.

I should listen more, but I hate always been told what to do:

Epic Fail:

Everyone always thinks they know best for me and yes, sometimes they have good opinions. However, I don't always listen. Why? don't ask. I have no clue.

on Tues: My doc told me to bump up my meds and work at getting my health optimal for surgery. But, basically this week I have failed at doing meds. Like some days did none at all.  I have to restart my promise of all my meds! I'm very thankful so many friends have joined the CF Walk, have fundraised or donated! It means a lot. I know that everyone who donates deserves to see me do all my meds and get healthy. I'm sorry to have failed at the promise. But I will restart and recount those days :-)

This week I've had some friends with some issues, even a couple surgeries. So it was a busy week.  And I have been not doing so great medically, which is why I haven't done them. When I'm tired and don't feel good, I just don't do them.  Makes no sense. But between work, family stuff, friends' issues, and everything, when I was home I was trying to sleep or clean because people were coming over. However, I'm usually worse at doing them when I don't feel well, which is silly. I started feeling sick a week before clinic, hence putting me on 750 Mg of cipro twice a day. But since then I've gotten worse. :-( So if this freaking fever doesn't disappear (I've had 101 for 3 days) within the next day my pre-surgical appointment will be pointless. He will cancel my surgery again and push it back again. Just waiting for me to get healthier.

That doesn't fit into my plan work wise. I can't miss more work, or the job interview for a 2nd part time job I have coming up. Soooo... If it is pushed back. I don't know what to do. Cuz I can't keeping working with the problem it gets worse during my shifts and really can bother me sometimes if I do too much. So without work but no surgery to fix me. I'm stuck not making money and hoping I finally pass my pre-surgical apt at some point.

I just want the surgery. I want to be fixed so I can jog, DANCE, work/serve tables again, not have to worry my coughing will make the hernias worse. I hate being nervous when they come out that they won't go back in. I would like to be fixed, but there are rules. And I need to be healthy first. I know... I know... I'm calling the doc on Tues and explaining the symptoms (which aren't all lung related, so it isn't totally due to my not doing meds...just so you know...girls, gotta try to defend herself, even if I did fail a little...) However, one VERY exciting thing:


Also, I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone who is doing the CF Walk! We have already raised $1,765 dollars! I'm sooo close to my personal goal too (of $1,000)! If we all meet our goals we will raise over $3,000 for the CF Foundation for Research for a Cure! The link to donate or join the team is:

* BTW I shared my epic fail, because CFers need to know we are only human, we can only do so much. YES! Meds should be number one, that is still something I struggle with.. But, you should if you get off track. Just restart. Like Re-boot yourself. Your choice to do the right thing. Never regret the past, just look to your future.


  1. I totally understand not wanting to take meds when you're not feeling well (it's really bad that I take significantly less meds and they're all pills and I still struggle with taking them all.) I like you're end comment of not regretting the past and just making a commitment to do better in the future. Hope things start getting better soon and you can have your surgery on the scheduled date.

  2. Every day is a new day --- I'm rooting for you sweet Cheriz!