Sunday, May 19, 2013

Haha my family, and Clinic Tues!


I had tons of different plans today. I was planning on getting donuts at Larry's and ended up going to the Big apple with my Family for breakfast. I worked then went to a Bridal Shower, then I originally had a date night planned, which failed so I planned a phone date with a friend of mine, which got rescheduled for tomorrow. :-) So then I had a nap and some work planned, cuz I was tired and need to get some stuff done. However, I thought it would be nice to help the family out with the planting the garden tonight. So skipped the nap and went to my parents. Love my family:

Dad assigned the jobs...
Mom's Job: Tells Dad Where to plant the veggies
Ada's Job: Gets to water the plants unless she sprays it too much or gets dad wet.
My Job: Pick up empty containers and hand dad tools.
Dad's Job: Do all the physical and dirty work :-)

Wow, I was useful. But really it was hilarious. Dad comes walking out of the Garage..

Ada: "There's Dad with the Ho(e)" (dad carrying a rake and hoe)

Later on:
Dad: "I need the Ho(e)"
Ada's Response : "Cheriz"
(I stare at her trying to figure out if she just called me a Ho or was saying my name meaning for me to get the hoe....) she is clever enough, she meant both.

Later when Dad and I were the only ones outside:
Dad: "Cheriz, go turn on the water... (runs to house) Wait come here (runs back) nevermind, I got it now, go turn on the water (runs to water) Oh, wait..... Oh, ok, Now.... Oh, turn it off." (dad walks to garage returns with sprinkler... Repeat actions...)

However, TODAY is my parents 29th Wedding Anniversary and it is a little cute as a family we got have breakfast and plant mom's garden :-)

I just got home and received a text that a friend of mine is popping over tonight to chat :-)  Today started out with such a different plan, I just kinda flew by the seat of my pants.

And Tuesday is Clinic (dun dun dun). I know what he'll say : "You've lost weight, your lung function decreased, you need to have that surgery, and my vitamin D levels are still non-existent. fingers crossed it works out okay. I hate when he is disappointed or I disappoint everyone who loves me and I always get really upset with myself after clinic. I usually start getting upset about clinics if I think they will be "bad" a week a head of time. So this whole week I've been dreading this tues. Let's get it over with.

Also, just so ya know. I'm scheduling surgery, gonna talk to Doc about Vit D, and hopefully gets some stuff figured out, so it won't be all bad, I'm just a nervous nelly about Clinics!


  1. Clinic probably will be bad, but at least this time you know it's because of the stupid insurance company (weren't you also in the hospital for a few days earlier this year) and not your skipping meds. You've gotten things back on track in the past and you'll do it again. Hopefully you'll come home with a good game plan of how to get everything back to where it should be.

  2. Do you take vitamin D pills? I've been taking 2 calcium +D vitamins everyday for the last several years and my vitamin D levels are actually a little high so I cut down to one a day....might want to ask your Dr about that - unless you're already doing that...just a thought.