Friday, May 31, 2013

If you are walking at CF Walk, read this please!

Thank you first of all!

Now a note from the Organizer of the Walk:

Hollowayville Great Strides

Saturday, June 1st
Thank you for adding tomorrows and walking with us on Saturday! Please review this information!

Location: United Church of Christ, 214 E Peru Street, Hollowayville, IL

Registration starts at 8:30am (please be there by 9am, even if already registered, you must sign in).

Walk kicks off at 10:00am

Lunch will be served at 11:00am

Be Prepared - Great Strides will take place RAIN or SHINE! Please check the forecast before leaving home and dress appropriately.

Emergency contact information: Amy Kozyra, (773) 507-2149

We need your help to reach our site goal of $8,000!

Raised to date = $4,137   (our CF2 Team is $,2165 of that)

You can reach your goal with these last minute fundraising tips!
1. Make a self donation. Your success starts with you!

2. Email your online letter out to all of your contacts – for one last fundraising push before the walk!

3. Imagine how much your team could raise if each of your walkers raised the minimum of $100 to receive the GREAT STRIDES t-shirt! Ask four people to donate $25 to reach that goal!

ok guys,
I'm sooo excited, thank you so much. Bring whoever with, people can register at the walk and just make a donation of any amount (really $5, $10, etc). Our Team colors are purple, white, and gray, but wear whatever! There are 3 teams total and there will be around 80 people total. We have a team of 25 and have raised $2,165! If we all reach our goals though, we will just under $4,000! So lets try to make $3,500 happen! :-) Then we have contributed almost one half of the Walk Site's Goal! We can do this! Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow (rain or shine)! Love you all! text or call me with ?s.

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