Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day and today's accomplishments :-)

MAY 1st! :


May 1st was bittersweet, the start of the CF Awareness month, but also a day where I always miss my Grammer (Grandma). Every May Day I would sneak up to her door and leave a May Day Basket with flowers or crackers or something. She'd hang them in the kitchen by the back door and leave the little paper cone shaped baskets hanging up for months... She loved them, even though they were horribly crafted and tacky as all get out.

Other Memories I love with my Grammer:
- I told her I liked the Cherry flavored Larabar that I tried one day.. She knew I needed to gain weight; her and Grandpa showed up with Cherry Larabars in bulk. (seriously, tons!!)

-Beanie Bear Hunting (we would drive an hour away to get in line at 5am to get exclusive bears, she owned them all)

-Bingo. We played Bingo at our Family Get Togethers.

- And last but not least... most people for their 21st birthday get drunk. I told mom I just wanted Grammer and Bud over for dinner and to play board games. Playing those board games with them on my birthday was the best decision ever. It is a memory I will never forget.

When I think about my Grammer I think of these memories not of her in the hospital. That isn't how she would want me to remember her. I will remember her wearing her dresses, fun purses, pink colored toenails and QVC Jewelry. :-)


Today: I got a lot accomplished! I got all of my meds covered by my new insurance, got my bills paid, and grocery shopped. What's sad is it wore me out. Not having some of my nebulizers from my insurance being weird has really set me back. I'm gonna have to work twice as hard to get back up my lung function before clinic in two weeks. Once finals are over I can do that. I can focus and get healthy again :-)

Hanging up my Character Shoes... (for now):
Sadly, I had to admit today to myself that I couldn't perform in the Improv and dance show this weekend. I know I don't have the energy to do a good job in improv and the dancing will give me a coughing fit. I hate having to "hang up my hat... or character shoes in this case" But performing takes too much time and too much out of me right now. I've been in over 30 productions and, BELIEVE ME, I'd love to keep doing shows. But I need to take a year off at least to focus on jogging and meds, plus I have work and school.
 I want to be at my healthiest, so I can perform to the best of my ability. I once did a two hour show that was almost all dancing ( SchoolHouse Rock) and I did it without coughing or feeling like I was gonna pass out. Last week's show, just performing the finale number made my legs shake and my lungs hurt. 

But I will be watching everyone perform this weekend and I know next year or the year after I will be back to full on dancing and performing again!!

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