Thursday, May 16, 2013

My week and this Summer!

Plans, Plans, Plans:

I haven't been blogging much, sorry. Failure on my part. Now that school is done, I'm hoping to have more time to blog.

This week my classes ended, however, I'm still studying Real Estate, since I'm taking the state exam in a couple weeks. After I pass that I can get a job doing real estate. I know it is purely commission based, so at first I won't make much. But, my plan is just to learn the ropes this summer working at an agency and then get hired at an agency located by where I'm going to school in the fall.

I'm waiting to hear back from the 2 schools I applied to, but it may be a few more weeks. Fingers crossed. I want to get my Masters in Social Work and pay my way through school using real estate.

Serving (even though I really enjoy it) won't work after I move. My muscle wall (in my stomach, etc) is pretty weak due to years of coughing and strain, so little holes develop and before I even realize it...yep, hernia. I've had them before and have had them fixed a couple times.  I have two, one has been bothering me the last week. And today, I noticed pain at another location that could be one. So... yeah. I need to stop running around and lifting heavy objects... right, me not run around.

I was hoping to put it off until August (so I don't have to take off work). I hoping to move to Chicago around August 1st and start classes middle of the month. So it would be ideal timing, but since it actually has been bothering me that makes it more of a priority. Unfortunately that makes saving harder, being off from work always makes saving money harder. So fingers crossed I can make the money I need to move to Chicago.

Anyway, that about catches everyone up! Hopefully, my next blog will be sooner :-) Also, tonight I went jogging for the first time in a while ( due to med issues I wasn't able to). Wow, I can tell. I didn't even get the full mile in before my lungs hurt and I was coughing. I had to turn around and call it quits. Sadness, We'll see what Clinic results say Tuesday and then I'll just have to keep trying harder.  Which I can do.

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