Sunday, June 9, 2013

I had my surgery finally! YAY!


I was sick all last weekend and didn't think Doc would go through with my surgery. However, we did. Dr. C (my surgeon) said it went well, the only surprise was that, I had 3 hernias instead of two that they had to repair. Which means I had more mesh put in my abdomen and groin muscle wall.

To be honest I was moving around fine, but I cough a lot. Which means the mesh digs into me and that can hurt if I get into a coughing fit. I had the surgery Tuesday.  Surgeries tend to make my intestines block up ( I know TMI, but I know many CFers deal with this, especially after surgeries). So Wednesday and Thursday were not ideal after surgery, but Andrew and I had a Downton Abbey Marathon. We are hooked. Mom had bought me season 1 for Easter and I got Season 2 from Ada for my Birthday! So even though those days were rough, I still enjoyed them. Luckily, by Friday Night I was starting to feel better, and yesterday I even got to go to Wal-Mart. I know exciting right? lol.

Today, though I'm going to Peoria to lunch and a movie with Andrew and my Uncles. I start back to work this coming weekend too! I got a 2nd job too, yay for saving money again! I need to save quite a bit this summer in order to move to Chicago for School in the Fall.

I'm sooo happy I finally got this done. It may still be awhile before I can carry a tray/serve tables. But at least I'm healing well and will be back to my old self soon. I'd like to start training for the 5K homestead weekend!
I did it last year. I didn't come in quite last. But I'm just happy I finished. I'd like to beat my time this year though. So I need to start soon in the next few weeks or so.

So glad everything had worked out so well.

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  1. You are amazing! Wonderful news!