Monday, June 3, 2013

2013: The CF Walk & update!

CF Walk 2013 HollowayVille:

The CF walk went amazing! I had a team of 32 people and we raised around $3,000 for the Cf Foundation! The walk was at a location pretty close to my hometown, which worked well for my family and friends! I had so much fun and feel so lucky to have so many people who care about me and what happens with research for Cystic Fibrosis.


I'm all scheduled to have my surgery tomorrow. It has been cancelled twice since March due to my getting sick or having medical problems come up. And once again, I now have some sores in my mouth and on my lips(just like I did when I got that virus/thrush in March). So I'm pretty sure they won't be operating on me tomorrow. I called Dr. Boas and now I'm just waiting for a response. I'm not sure what they will want me to do. As long as it doesn't get worse I shouldn't have to be hospitalized. He will probably order some meds for me and we will see what happens!

I'm so bummed, I really just want this surgery to be done with, what horrible luck. If the surgery was done I could recover and be back to my old dancing/jogging self. Its hard not to lift heavy objects, run around, or dance. I want to work on my lung function and overall health, its hard to do I'm limited with activity, etc.

So I will just wait and see what happens. I can't take off more time from work this summer. I will probably end up pushing it off until this Fall. Frustrating.

I have been doing all my meds though, and will continue to keep up with them. I made the promise:

As of right now, I owe all meds through Sept 28th. If my Team's final amount does reach $3,000 then I will owe all meds through November 7th!
So thanks to everyone donating I will hopefully be one very healthy girl soon! :-) Love <3

I will blog some updates on surgery and final amount raised tomorrow.

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