Friday, July 5, 2013

All the New Things.

All the New Things:

Since my surgery on June 4th I haven't had a stomach feeding pump and unfortunately my weight took a hit. I'm stuck at 90 lbs. I've gotten my new insurance and my new pharmacy to work together and I should be receiving my NEW pump next week. I will have to start off slow (not doing all 4 cans a night) to get my stomach used to it again. And it will be hard considering I get off work some nights at midnight then go back to work the next morning at my 2nd job. But if I speed it up at night I should be able to do all four cans and 1,250 calories during the night.

The upsetting part is more that I can't gain the weight without the feeding. I always had the goal of getting rid of my stomach tube. I wanted it to be before I was 30. Well, I now have realized in the last month dropping 10 lbs. that its not gonna happen. Its going to be a permanent part of me.

Also, new... I have been working a new 2nd job to save money so Andrew and I can move to Chicago for school! If I can afford it I will be working on my Masters in Social Work, while working part time in real estate and part time as a server or something. I really hope we can save the money and it works out! I'd love to go to Grad School this fall :-) Otherwise I can work for a year and then go next year.

Another new thing, I'm going to Florida at the end of this month! One of my best friends lives there and she helped me get a plane ticket to come for week, then she is moving back to Illinois at the end of the week and I'm keeping her company for the drive. Considering I get car sick it could be (I just get headaches, not like throw up car sick.) However thanks to CF I could always throw up too... lol Always keepin it exciting. I'm super excited to see her and spend the week in Florida, but I'm nervous flying by myself again. I hate flying by myself. I have a two hour lay over in Georgia and will be bored out of my mind, but it will be worth it once I'm there!

I'm also starting to talk long walks with my friend Sarah again. I'm gonna work my way back up to jogging since my surgery, since I'm still having a few issues with my mesh (that's in me). So back on the road to recovery once again. YAY!

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!

I wasn't feeling the best, so we opted not to do the fireworks and are going this weekend (since we both have the same night off :-) yay)! Instead we rented some movies and Andrew made us hamburgers and pasta for dinner. Halfway through the movies I mentioned soda pop sounded good. He pauses the movie and off we drove to Wal-Mart to buy root beer and ice cream! Root beer floats, movies, and a night off of work to spend with Andrew = a GREAT 4th of July. I'm one very lucky lady to have such an amazing guy in my life! I love him very much!

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