Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clinic Results and more news!


My weight is 94 lbs. So I need to work on that, but my lung function is still at 63%. I'm glad it didn't go down at all. Now to just make it go up... lol. We are working on it. Andrew and I ate at Pinstripes, a nice restaurant that serves upscale food, but has a bocce ball and bowling alley in it! Maybe next time we will play some bocce ball!

Other news I found out at Clinic is that my Vitamin D level is finally up from around 14 to 55. Which is normal enough. I just have to maintain it by taking 50,000 units of vitamin D every week. He said he did notice in my blood work a spike in liver function. But, that could be from antibiotics I was on at the time. So next clinic (in two months) I'm getting my liver re-tested to make sure its not an issue. Overall, nothing big happened at Clinic. It was the first Clinic that Andrew has been able to go to. So afterwards we apartment hunted around the school he/ and hopefully I will be attending in the fall. He's been accepted and is all set. My application date was later and will be hearing back in the next week or so. So assuming I get in and can afford it, we will both be attending Dominican University.

Good news, we checked out a couple job opportunities for us and found an apartment in our price range, within the location I wanted to live, less than 15 minutes from our works, school, and our friends' house. It was a long two days scouting around. We were getting annoyed... Or I guess I was. Seriously, I was frazzled. We stopped at a Gas station to buy a paper and Andrew asked the attendant if he knew any areas. He pointed to one area, where we found four complexes, including the one we decided on! 

It's about half the size of my current apt, but is all brand new. We are the first tenants to be in it, since its complete remodel. Plus, its first floor (no wheezing up flights of stairs with groceries) and we have a lil patio, with sliding doors (which dad will like- since it will be easy to move the furniture in). :-) It is across the street from a park/lake! Oh, and the landlord is really nice. He must be 7 ft tall, he sounds and looks like Robert the brother on "Everybody Loves Raymond". I've been so lucky with great landlords, so lucky to have this place! Can't wait til August 10th <--- moving day!

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