Friday, August 2, 2013

Garage Sale, Packing, Moving

Moving Day is coming up!

On the 17th Andrew and I will be loading the U-Haul and moving to the burbs! We will be closer to work, school, and my doctor! However, farther from our families. Still moving is always exciting, however a pain. During the day I've been trying to pack as much as I can, so we are not up  all night before we move trying to finish packing. I want it to go as easily as possible. Dad's driving the U haul, Andrew and I will be driving our cars, and our friend Jake will be driving up to help as well! I realized though going from 1,000 sq ft apt to 650 ft is quite a challenge, especially considering the loss of closets and the garage!

I think I have most of the stuff sorted and ready. But still so much more. And living arrangements is only one part of moving. Figuring out school and work was quite a task too! I got into an MSW program, however, I'm going to put off going right away. I want to really get going with real estate. Focus on the state exam and get hired as a broker somewhere. I can do this while working at the Family Video I'm transferring to! That way I can learn the ropes as a broker, see if I would prefer working in Real Estate more than social work. Everyone knows how much I love houses and architecture.

I don't want to add anymore student loans to the pile. So I'm going to put it off for now. Andrew will go to school and work. And I will work in real estate and the family video. In a year or two, if I decide I don't want to do real estate full time I can go back to school. There's no rush. Might as well figure out what I want to do. Besides, I can technically defer my enrollment until spring as a back up-  if I decide real estate isn't for me.

But I doubt that will happen. I love houses, real estate, and the flexibility it offers :-)

So for now that's the plan, but who knows, only time will tell! My next blog won't be until after we move! So tah-tah for the next two weeks!

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