Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bad Med Reactions, Hospital Food, and More!

Reactions to my Meds:

First of all, as you may know, I started really noticing breathing problems early last week and called Doc. I was admitted on Thursday Morning at 6am to the hospital. Thursday, Friday went by okay well other than a few mistakes: read about them here! However, starting late Friday I started noticing some side effects to the Merrem ( IV -Antibiotic). Also, I'm on Solu-Medrol (IV Steriod) and it has been making my blood sugar go a little crazy.

Dr. B came to visit last night and changed the Merrem (which I had never had before, but I'm allergic to Keflex, Levaquin, and Bactrum already, so he was trying to switch up the antibiotics to find a new one...) He ended up putting me on Aztreonam, which I used to go on all the time when I was little, but haven't had it in at least 6 years. So, hopefully that clears up all those issues up. And he lowered my does of Solu-Medrol to half the amount to get my blood sugar more into control. So just waiting to see if my bad reactions go away.

Hospital Food Issues:

Now, I know you are thinking... "Yeah, yeah, Hospital food is always bad..." But no, that is not the issue. This hospital  has amazing food! Problem is the Room Service you call to place your order keeps limiting my food intake. It's like they are trying to get me to lose weight, when my doc has me on a high Cal. diet to help me gain weight. 

For example: Here are awesome menu choices:

Shrimp Scampi, Pasta, Hummus with Pita, Fish, Chicken Floretine, Meatloaf, Hamburger, Sandwiches, Salads, Pizza, Roast Beef, Roasted Turkey, Rice, Veggies, Potatoes, Mac n Cheese, Chips, and lots of desserts and more!

So the first day they brought me all the food I ordered, however Saturday I had issues ordering.
For Breakfast I ordered a breakfast sandwich, side of sausage, and bacon (extra bacon), fruit cup, and pudding. I thought that would be enough food with all the meat, etc...But this is what I received. LOL

notice the only one piece of bacon and sausage....hahaha are those really sides?

I had a decent pudding, the fruit cup was small, the sandwich was small, look at it compared to the orange slice much! lol. My nurse told me to order another tray if I wanted and she would call down and fix it for lunch.

For lunch I tried ordering Grilled Shrimp, Roasted Potatoese, a side of spinach, and two sides of Mac n Cheese, with a fruit cup and pudding. They guy informed Andrew (he called it in for me) that they can't fit an entree and all those sides on the plate. So they limit it to 1 entree and 2 sides... Well we got three of the four... But portions are small... Well for me, or someone with CF.

Dr. B saw these pics and told me to tell them that I'm on a high calorie diet, and I can order as much as I  want even if it takes more than one tray! LOL
Love it!

So, yeah we will see how the rest of today goes food wise. For lunch, Andrew called it down today and when the guy tried to Andrew he couldn't order that much. Andrew just replied "Actually her doc said last night she is on high calorie diet and can have as much as she wants, even if it takes more than one tray..." And guess who got all their food today at lunch:-)

Hospital - When do I get to Leave:
Well, originally he said through the weekend then home on IVs for another 1.5 weeks. But, now with the side effects, we have to make sure they are cleared up and were just reactions to the meds and not a seperate issues, like another infection, etc. I asked if he had a projected time to leave and he said "as long as it takes, I will be back Monday to visit, and we will go from there" So I will definetly be missing classes this week again. Bummer. I really want straight A's while in Grad School, so hopefully I can keep up with it and my professors will work around it. We'll see...

I will keep you all posted though. I gotta work on getting up and walking around more to build my lungs back up. I get out of breath walking to the end of the hall. So gotta work on that, and keep gaining weight, try to get my lung function back, and clear up all the bad side effects. Those are my goals!

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