Saturday, October 5, 2013

CF Walk & Other Exciting News

CF Walk and Other Exciting News:

Today was the CF Greatstrides Walk in Peoria! I love the Peoria walk, it's on the most beautiful route. On one side is the river and the other side has gorgeous homes! This is my third year at Peoria's Walk! My mom, sister, boyfriend, and my friend Sarah came. We also brought my two babysitting girls and they loved it, expeically the fun extra activities. The walk this year had a photo booth, balloon animals, drum line that played, etc. After the walk we go up in the observation tower to look out over the miles to see all the surrounding cities!

We raised $180 between the 5 of us! Thanks to everyone who donated and walked! It was so much fun. I keep thinking about trying to get a CF GreatStrides Walk started in my hometown. Perhaps next year I can make it happen. I'll keep everyone posted about that. Below I listed the walks I typically do/ hope to do next year.

Also, I got to meet Colleen and Tim today! Colleen also has CF, she is very active in GreatStrides as well, and she blogs just like me- which is how we met. To check out her blog click here!

Other Exciting News:
I finally got my ensure for my stomach feeding at night shipped! Guess what? The new company is paying for the plastic bottles opposed to cans. Why is this exciting? well. 1.) easier to rinse for recylcing  and 2.) I won't drink ensure from a can it tastes like the can, but I will from the plastic bottles...So I can drink some too, like on the way to work. Or if I get home late at 1am from closing the store and don't have time to do all 4 cans, I can drink what I need to make up!

Also, my doctor is putting in a request (fingers crossed it gets approved by the insurance) to pay for a smaller, portable, travel nebulizer/therapy machine. I had a relative who had a therapy machine that was brand new, still in wrapping that she didn't need. So I have a new machine, and hopefully will get a portable for me to take to work!

I tried the neb machine tonight, wow it works so much better than my old one did, my meds were done so much quicker! Thanks to that family member! Hopefully, if I get that portable, then I can actually do all my meds.

It is impossible for me to do 3 abluterals, 2 hypertonics, 1 pulmozyme, and 3 caystons. I go to school and work almost 50 hours a week... I usually only get 2 albuterals, 2 hypertonics, and 2 caystons done. So a travel machine will help a lot!

My Team amount raised for CF GreatStrides Walk total for the last year is: $4,226.50

WOW! KEEP IT UP! Thank you everyone for tmaking this happen. I'm so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life. I love you all.

For next year: I'm looking for a business sponsor for next year! If anyone knows any companies, etc. Let me know! I'm looking for donations to pay for the team shirts, for matching sponsor,s or even just donations! I can't wait for next years walks!

Typical Walks- (size of my team that goes/amount on average raised)
Champaign: Mid-April   (smaller -raise around $200 between 3-5 friends typically)
Chicago: May       (this will be a new one for me!- excited!)
Hollowayville or Princeton: May/June  (large team walk- raises average $3,000)
Peoria: October   (smaller- raises between $200 between 5-7 people)

Let's invite even more people and watch our team and goal amount grow! :-) 

Join my facebook group if you want to get involved, get updates, or learn more HERE!!

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