Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Exciting News, even in a Hospital!

Exciting News: Even in the Hospital:

3 Exciting things!!

Yes, I know. exciting news in the hospital...Nope, I don't get to go home. Not yet. BUT, I'm excited to share some othe GREAT NEWS! First, of all since I was admitted last Thurirsday morning, I have gained weight. 1. because I don't have time to make food and eat at home as much as I need and 2. Who wouldn't devore a meal of roast beef, potatoes, veggies, fruit, and pudding at 6pm then order anothertray with shrimp and rice, and more dessert at 7pm?

1. So as of today I am 107.4 lbs!

This is the highest I have been in a very long time. To check out my weight and lung functions changes over the years click here- Clinic-My Health Page!

Only, down side...I need to buy new pants and running shorts, none of them fit me...I'm cheap and picky with clothes..so it may take a while. However, I'm sure a trip to Delia's will change my mind. Ps. for some reason Delia's usually fit, when others are too big. So maybe...

2. We were discussing the CF fundraisers And Andrew is going to be doing the CF Climb in November this year!

The CF CLIMB on November 10th is way to committ to the challenge of climbing the 58 floors in honor of everyone affected by CF. This events raises, just like GreatStrides, to provide research for CF and in hopes to find a cure!

I'm going to help them fundraise for the event, so if you'd like to donate, feel free to give the money to one of them, to me, or my mother by November 8th! :-) Sorry, no online link for the Climb. (checks can be made to CF Foundation)

AND 3. I got a Pulmonary Function Test Today (PFT) and I get to find out the results and discuss it with Dr. B tomorrow!

So here is to hoping my lung function goes back up. (currently 45%). So many good things. Weight, friends supporting me, fundraising for CF, keeping up in classes, getting healthy and hoping to get lung function back in the hospital!

YAY! Now, to eat my berry smoothie and wait for Andrew to get here. Well, after my 4 nebulizers and vest treatment of course....


  1. I need to go to your hospital. My hospital's food was awful. I had my mom bring me every meal when she could and leave behind a cooler with snacks for when she wasn't there.


    1. I used to go to a different doc and hospital, and the food was bland and limited. Now, I'm in Chicago. Bigger Hospitals, means bigger bucks and better food :-) But yeah, I feel ya. At the old hospital, I had a doc who brought CFers pizza and take out. lol