Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Home again- Finding Motivation!

CF Climb, Get Some Motivatin Going and Figuring Out What To Do:

So this last month has been crazy, in -out- in- out of the hospital. Glad to be home finally, AGAIN! lol. I'm doing a lot better, just have to take it easy with what I eat for a week.

I'm more concered about school/effects on my health:

 I'm unsure what this will do to my classes. As of right now, my school is telling me I need to drop 2-3 of my Graduate Classes, and they want to me to go to school part time. Making my degree a 3 year instead of a 2 year program. I'm just not sure If I can give that much time to it. Which sucks, since I'm getting all A's and I love going to class and doing research!

I have goals, plans, things I want to do. Being in school for 3 more years is not part of the plan...It is just frustrating, because while I'm in school ( If I'm working too) I struggle medically. Regardless if school is part time or full time, we still have to committ 2 years of working 20 hours a week at an internship. So dropping to part time just makes it worse, adding another yr of juggling everything. So Andrew and I are going to have to have so me big discussion about what I should do.

There are options. I know I want my MSW, I'm just not sure how to juggle it, the internship (which seems impossible for me to be able to do), and my health.My lung function has been hoovering around 50% and I really want to focus on exercise, jogging, and be able to do all 4 sets of breathing treatments through the day. If I was able to do this I know I could easily get up to 61% (where I was a year ago) and if I continue I hope to get to 70% or 75% even. Andrew and I have been tossing some ideas around and hopefully it will be figured out in the next week or so. I'm also meeting with my Academic Advisor too. So we'll see.

Some exciting news though:

My boyfriend is doing the CF Climb on November 10th. He will be climbing over 58 flights of stairs in order to raise awareness and funds for CF! He has always been so supportive of me, let's support him, by helping him meet his fundriasing goal of $200! Click here to donate or join him in climbing!    

Also, side note: I have two links on the upper left hand side of my blog. 1. CF Climb 2. CF Walk. These are always linked to the closest Walk or Climb (and you can donate all year, even if the date has passed, it just adds to the end year goal amount!) Want to get involed in a walk or event next year. Click here for update list of all the events I'm attending to learn about them, join, or donate!

I've been getting really invovled with CF events and I'm really looking forward to my CF Climb event next month!

Online CF Jargon: (Cyster and Fibro - come from Cystic Fibrosis and are what CFers call their CF online friends cyster-sister and fibro- brother) I'm excited to say that my Cyster Collen, and her husband Tim will be climing too! Click here to read her blog!

I will keep everyone updated on the school, work, and health goals decision. Also, I will keep you updated about the CF Climb too!

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  1. I've been thinking about you a lot! I really hope you're able to make the best decision for you and Andrew. And thanks for the blog link! :)