Thursday, October 10, 2013

In the Hospital: I'm not a car, but I need a tune-up

In the Hospital: Tune Up Time

IEvery so often as a child I would go in the hospital for a "tune-up." However, I switched to a different doc in May of 2011 and this doc doesn't really believe in "tune-ups" in the same sense my old doc did. My old Doc put me in at least twice a year on meds, even without a big decrease in lung function. My new Doc explained that he doesn't put CFers on antibiotics or IVs unless it is necessary, due to superbugs and growing immunity to them. Plus, I'm allergic to Bactrum, Levaquin, and Keflex and their cousins (3 main antibiotics they use for us). So gotta be careful.
 But as you all know, from reading previous blogs, that my lung function has decreased from 61 to 49% since summer of 2012. But last month, it went from 54 - 49%which is quite the drop for two months,especially for me. I'm pretty healthy and stable most the time.
Well, in the last couple weeks I noticed walking into to school and even work would take a lot of energy out me and I would get out of breath easy. I was reluctant to admitt it,but eventually I started coughing and wheezing more. Andrew basically put me in my place and told me I had to call doc. He always explains to me how much he loves me and wants me to be healthy, because he can't stand to see me sick or struggle. So I give in and call doc (and he's always right).
Sure enough, here I am in the hospital, he thinks my lungs have just accumlated a lot of junk in them and it may take some time to get them cleared out. They have me on antibiotic and steriod ivs, so they have to watch my blood sugar. Also, they are taking my blood to watch my cell counts, vitamin levels, etc. I'm doing 4 rounds of treatments a day. I'm hoping to be out next week and back home, where I can start making sure to keep up with meds and walking/jogging on the treadmill. Exercise really helps with keeping my lung function up. So I need to get back into jogging and training again.
I'm so lucky to have a guy who supports me. He convinces me to call doc when I need to! And this week when I wasn't feeling well and sleeping most of the time, he would go to classes, make me lunch, get my meds ready, go to work, and come home that night and he cooks more food and gets my feeding ready. I feel bad when I'm sick, cuz he does all of the work, but he never grumbles, he enjoys doing it. I once asked him if he would ever resent it or get tired of it. and he always responds  "I love you, I enjoy doing this, because I can help you, you have so much you have to deal with and all I want to do is make it a little easier, so you can focus on be healthy and happy, because that is  what makes me happy"
(above: my iv is accessed in my port in my chest and I'm wearing the mask from admission)
I'm so lucky to have such an amazing guy, it makes me want to work harder, be healthier, and I'm definetly happier :-) I love you, Andrew! You are amazing!
We are hoping my lung function will increase from this hospital stay and give me back some energy. Then when I get out, we are going to figure out a schedule, so I can do all my meds, stomach feeding, lift weights, jog, and do school and work. I want to get healthier, I can get healthier. Every time I go into the hospital, I take it as an opportunity to look at my life and fix it to get healthier. Its a chance to reboot and start over. A clean slate and I'll take it....

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  1. were a like in many ways I love you laura