Monday, October 28, 2013

Surprises, Food, & My Fabulous Weeknd!

1 year Since We Started Dating:

Yesterday, marked 1 year of Andrew and I dating! He planned a weekend full of suprises and it all started after my  AMAZING Clinic Friday.

Clinic: My weight went up to 106 lbs and better yet my lung function went from 45% -64%. I'm so thankful over the years I have been getting back up from my lowest point in 2010 (38%). A lot of fellower CFers have been asking for my secrets. I don't have any secrets, but I can describe my 2 years of work on getting it back up. So over the next few days I will write that blog and have it posted.

Now back to the weekend of fun:

Saturday: We woke up early, and headed out. Now, picture me with my eyes closed in between each event over the entire weekend. When the car finally stopped, we had to wait a while (with my eyes closed)... Finally I hear a train. " Andrew are we taking a train?" Andrew: "Uh, maybe..." We get out and get closer. I can hear the train has stopped, he is still leading me with my eyes closed... Then I hear the train start to leave.. "Andrew, is the train leaving, we're missing it!" He turns me around and has me open my eyes. There is one of the best gifts EVER! He arranged for my parents to come up and visit for the day!!!! I had been missing them a lot, and kept complaining I wanted my mom to come again soon. Especially, since I had been sick, it was the first time ever I had stayed in the hospital, without them visiting. But, with me being 2 hours away, dad working 12 hour days, and mom's van being worked on...It just wasn't happening. There train was an hour late arriving and they were leaving at 6pm, so we only had 7 hours!

Mom, Dad, Andrew and I went to Famous Daves. Which I love!  We went back to our apartment so I could do my afternoon meds and mom could see our dining set.  Mom and I also, checked out the local fabric store, while Andrew and Dad checked out the local golf courses. Then we decided to head back into LaGrange to do some shopping. Mom and I went into Charming Charlie's and bought ourselves some new purses. (mine was $15, mom's $10 - huge purse sales!). Dad and Andrew decided to go to Dunkin Donuts and get coffee instead. We met up when mom and I were done shopping! I got new pumpkin colored placemats for our table too!

We went to Trader Joes, got Noodle & Company for Dinner, and even some Fannie May candy for dessert!  But, then it was time for them to head back home, and I had to say good-bye. But, Dad is already talking about how next time they come up. He & Andrew are going to golf, go to Bdubs, and watch sports. While mom and I take the debit cards :-) and go shopping!

I had so much fun spending the day with mom and dad, it was the best suprise ever! But the fun doesn't stop there. After Mom and Dad headed home on the train, Andrew and I went to the Benseville Theater and saw "We're
  the Millers". What a cute movie theater, it has an ice cream shop in it.  It only costs $4 for a ticket, $2 for popcorn, and $1.25 for a scoop of ice cream! WHAT A DEAL!

Andrew loves the Minions on Despicable Me, and he always says he wants one, so I gave him one! (My mom made him for me!)

Sunday: Was another fun filled day, with more eye closing and suprises. I love mini-golfing. LOVE IT! So Sunday our first event was mini-golfing. The course was really pretty.

The mini-golf course was a so much fun and so pretty. Afterwards, I proceeded to close my eyes AGAIN! We ended up doing a little shopping, I got a chili cheese dog at Portillo's to tide me over until dinner. And then we saw the 4pm showing of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. (We are  huge Movie Buffs...Hence why I love working at Family Video...Free Rentals). And the final suprise was we went to one of my ALL time favorite restuarants for dinner. Cheddars. There is only 1 location left in IL and it is 40 mins from our house. I had no idea though, because all the places we stopped in between made us seem a lot closer. So I had no clue!

The weekend was full of tons of things I loved. But the best part was that Andrew had two days off of work! He works 35-40 hours a week, goes to school 18 hours. And he even does catering with another company on his random Saturdays off. With my going to School full time, working 20 hours at the internship, and 20 hours at family video we were both working/going to school over 55 hours a week each! So getting to spend some time together and time with my parents was the best gift ever!

Hopefully, I will figure out my school/health situation this week! I will be blogging about what is decided and about my 2 year journey of bringing up my lung function in a few days. So check back later on :-)


  1. Happy anniversary! Andrew's a lucky guy - you are a joy.

  2. Aw, thanks. It was a great weekend, I loved every minute of it!

  3. We have a Cheddars in Decatur (well, I think it's technically Forsyth), is that the one you went to?
    Glad to hear you're doing well & happy anniversary!! :)

  4. Wait you have a Cheddars there? I thought the only one left was in Boilingbrook... since Champagin, Quad Cities, and Peoria's all are gone. Didn't know about the Forsyth location. Good to know. and thanks!

  5. Way to go on that PFT increase!!!!