Monday, October 21, 2013

Trip to ER-back in the hospital

Trip to the ER, Back in the hospital:

Saturday was amazing! I loved going out and celebrating the fall weather. Sunday afternoon I started to not feel well and by sunday night I was pretty sure I needed to see a doc.

As you may have read in early posts: I had been having antibiotic associated diarrhea (I know, TMI)and not feeling the best. But it happens. So anyway. Saturday Night I noticed my gut was really distended and bloated. All day Sunday it  was the same, very big and bloated.

Saturday I was really upset by this. I wanted to wear jeans to the orchard, but I couldn't get any of them on. Plus I have gained over 10 lbs since I bought them... So add the bloated gut on top of that. No way! So I had to wear my black sweatpants to the orchard. And I had a hard time finding a dress to wear out to dinner too, most are slimer fits on me. So I chose a sweater dress. Luckily, it worked. But, I did not feel comfortable.

I was starving still from the steriods, so if you read the last post, you will see how much I ate. I pigged out! Probably not a good idea with stomach issues.

By sunday night, I was positive I had an intestinal blockage/ Bowel Obstruction. These can be common with some CF patients, and I'm one of those lucky ones. :-) lol

So, I waited until Andrew got off work and he brought me to the ER. Oh what joys ERs can be...

ER story time:

Well, it wasn't nearly as bad as (in march) last time... to read about my ER situation in March when I had a virus and Thrush read the blog post here! The only problem this time was the wait. We arrived at 11pm, but I wasn't admitted til 7am. In fact, my CT scan was at midnight and nobody followed up til 5am. The doc in ER told me I had a mild Urinary Tract Infection and my Colon was slightly inflammed. They put me on another IV antibiotic (on top of the 2 I'm on). And admitted me at 7am this morning.

Oh Doc:
 Doc. B came in this morning to see me. He said that I need to make sure to call his office, no matter what time, if I ever need to go to the ER. Wow, I've never had a doc tell me to call him after hours. Basically, his reasoning is this- well this is what he said:

"They say you have UTI, which you don't. So they put you on the Antibiotic for it, but you are allergic to it's relative Keflex. So I have to take you off that. Your colon is inflamed and your small intestine is constricted, so you are patially blocked. I think with you on a liquid diet and taking medication for the intestine/colon issues, you should be just fine. The ER's they try, but they have no idea about CF. They do pointless tests. " He proceeded to explain one silly test they had done over night...

For example: Apparently my insurance gets to pay for a test they did to prove I need my zenpep (digestive enzyme pills) and to say I was, infact, pancreatic insufficient. I have CF and have been taking enzymes since I was a couple months old. NO DUH!

But, Doc has a plan. Keep me at least through today and part of tomorrow. See if my stomach gets worse or better. If I keep my (oh, so awesome) clear liquid diet down and no fever then I won't be in long at all, unless the blockage gets worse.  I will take meds for the colon/intestines issues and in a couple weeks I may have an endoscopy done to re-check it all out.

So that's the plan. Bummed, missing classes again. But Blockages are nothing to mess around with. I've had some pretty scary encounters before. So, glad I got it checked out before it got worse.

And I guess our pumpkins will have to wait a lil longer to be carved... (perhaps it will be the next "At Home from hospital celebration")

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