Sunday, November 24, 2013

Devoured Bdubs, effective meds, & pics!

Craft Show & Some Bdubs!

 Yesterday, was my mom's craft show. She has such cute crocheted products (Hats, Scarves, Earwarmers, Beards, Toys, Purses, etc) that I was soo excited to see how she would do selling her stuff. It was in Naperville, IL. Andrew and I met mom and dad there. It was a great day. Andrew wore one of the crocheted beards mom was selling and walked around in it. AND a couple people came by and said "Oh, this is where the beards are, I saw somebody wearing one earlier" (people love them, they sell quick too for $5).  He's such a good sport!

(Here is what mom's cubicle/booth looked like.) The stacking bins really help organize stuff by size!

Overall, it was a great show and so much fun! (Below is a close up of mom's Hat Bins!) Love her hats!!!  

 However, my stomach hurt really bad for a chunk of the morning (thanks to Colon issues: read my last post about my Colon issues here!)

We spent the day helping mom at her booth and she did great! She sold a lot of stuff, and made more than enough money for the booth deposit, gas (drive to/from show), food we bought, and the other products she bought (like the beautiful wreath she got). A couple of my friends who live in Naperville stopped by to visit too! Andrew, my friend Ryan, and I got to visit my friends' Rebekah n Michael's new home they bought this year! Then Andrew and I hung out with Ryan and went shopping. And of course we went to bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) for dinner! I got my favorite "The Ultimate Nachos" I devoured them! I seriously scarfed them down!

(Here I am at Bdubs, after I finished off my nachos, about to lick it clean...LOL kidding...)

We got home just in time for me to do my daily diary (an electronic diary I have to do as part of the Clinical trial). I'm sooo glad I started doing the clinical trial, since I started I have been 100% compliant (research is important to me)!! I've been really paying attention to my breathing while  doing my treatmens!  

 Making sure I breathing through my mouth and not my nose, breathing deeply and thinking about my breathing, and not blocking off the mouthpiece with my tongue. Those are all bad habbits I need to break to do really effective treatments! And since I've started the Clinical Trial I've been paying close attention to my therapies, and I have noticed A DIFFERENCE! I'm having way more productive coughs and less wheezing! Can't wait to see what a difference it will make over the course of the 7 months Clinical Trial! Hopefully, I stay healthy, don't get released from the study  and it goes smoothly! At least smoother than my Evaluation for the Trial ( read about the Mess of an Evaluation here in this past blog!

If my breathing keeps getting better, and I keep walking/ eventually start jogging again, then I will definetly be joining my friend Stacey, for a 5K in the early spring! Also, I'm hoping to do 2 5ks next year, along with the Chicago CF Climb! I couldn't do the climb this year, but Andrew did it ( look at pics and read about it here in the past blog! I'm so proud of Andrew!!!)

So here is to looking forward to a more compliant year with meds and more exercise and lots of positive benefits! :-)

More updates on school tuition reimbursement and Laura's waiting for lungs coming in a few days!


  1. AWESOME compliance you know how much that means to me. Did you get a chance to read my blog about effective airway treatments? Keep up the compliance cyster:)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you posted the link to the Effective Treatment Blog. It is really important for all CFers to think about their nebs! And hopefully I can keep the compliance up :-)