Monday, November 18, 2013

Fighting for Her Life!

Laura- Fight of Her Life:

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Laura, is another CFer, like me! We met when we were really little. Before docs knew we couldn't be around each other. In fact, there was a group of us. We'd hang out all the time, go to CF camp together in the summer, etc. Some of my CF friends would even stay at my house over the summer and I stay over at theirs. Our little CF group consisted of (or at least my besties) were: Casey, Andrea, Kevin, Danny, and Laura! Sadly, I lost Casey at 10(both of us were age 10), Andrea passed away at 16, I was 11, Kevin was 18 (so was I), and Danny passed away when we were 24. I'm not posting this to depress anyone, but to tell you this is a horrible disease. Yes, It has given me many positives and in some ways I'm thankful for everything it has taught me. Also, I feel like I needed to post this, because most people that know me, see me as - Cheriz...The bubbly, fun-loving, positive girl, who never gets down about CF. BUT, CF is horrible, and makes us fight. We fight everyday. As we get older we fight harder. We develop more complications:

For example: My bone density is lower, I have CF related Arthritis, my liver doesn't function 100% anymore, I haven't gotten my lungs above 65% in over 10 years, I've developed resistance to many IV meds, I have more GI/Stomach Issues, develop hernias easily, and have been borderline Diabetic for a while. Laura has many complications, including she is diabetic and has really bad GI issues. She is below 18% lung function and is on oxygen 24/7. She is being evaluated for a Transplant (TX), but we are waiting! There are many costs (besides medical), living- for when her husband has to move to the city the TX hospital is located in. Also, food, gas money to get to post appointments. TRUST ME- its expensive! Let's try to help her out! Just click the link above or on the right upperhand side!

We have been best friends since we were little. We were told around 1997 (age 13) we couldn't be around each other. Docs discouraged our talking and seeing each other. With internet not being as widely used then, we lost touch for a few years. At age 18 we ran back into each other at the Docs office! We swapped phone numbers and addresses. We got skype, emails, etc and we have stayed very close ever since! She is my go-to person when I have CF issues, or I'm just in a "I hate CF mood". Because if I call her, she always cheers me up! Since we got back in touch, we only have seen each other once. At a CF Walk in 07. And we haven't since then. I have Psuedomonas and She has MRSA.  (read more about CF bugs and how they spread in this PDF- here!)

So we haven't seen each other since. It is so hard. It is unbelievably hard to not be able to be there with her! I get so frustrated at times with CF, I'm in Illinois and she is in Florida, I may not be able to see her. BUT this is what I can do! I can use my blog and online networks to help spread word!

Please help me spread word and donate to help her! I know I have done 3 fundraisiers in the last month, but please consider this! Its is beyond the most important one to me! I would swap our lungs if I could! PLEASE consider helping my best friend. She deserves to live a full life with her husband. They were married 2 months ago! And the day they got back from their honeymoon she was hospitalized. She has been fighting since! She is sooo strong! Keep Fighting Laura! I love you!  Here are some pics of Laura:

Laura and her Hubby: Joe at a CF event!


Laura and her Dad!

Laura doing our ever loved Nebulizers!

Laura Married Joe <3
in September of this year!

:-) Stay strong and fight girl! We are all supporting you! <3 you!
Click this link to see the video I made for Laura last year! It applies more than ever now!!!!
(Its through my Facebook)
Please feel free to leave Laura a comment below! Also, if anyone wants to send her snail mail to her hospital room, contact me. I have her address!

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