Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to Gain Weight & Recipes!

 How Do I Gain Weight- not with Whoppers!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Andrew and I had a lot of Thanksgivings to go to and it was chaotic, and Dad's Birthday is Monday!

(To the Right is a Picture Mom took this  weekend)

Okay, now to the blog topic:

I don't eat out a lot and I don't like to eat fast food alot, with all my GI issues it can be difficult to gain weight. I know lots of CFers struggle with this. I have trouble with diary, meat, greasy food, carbonated drinks, spicy food. My mouth loves all these foods, but my intestines say otherwise. I'm hoping after my colonoscopy on Dec 13th I will be able to figure out some of the problems and tolerate more. I need to take in lots of calories, but I have learned some tricks along the way.

Here is my Weight Gain Story:

Besides eating Buffalo Wild Wings and scarfing down wings and their nachos LOL, there are lots of different things I can do to try and gain weight! I also, focus on my "all around" health. Being tired, not exercising, not doing meds all contribute to weight loss & fatigue. Therefore, I have been 100% complaint with meds for two weeks now! The Clinical Trial I'm in is really keeping me compliant, even with everything that has been going on. I helped mom with her craflt holiday show and have been busy with holiday stuff, but I'm still doing ALL MY MEDS! (read about how I'm keeping compliant and how busy I have been in this past blog post here! plus lots of pics)

I do have a G-Tube, I have had it since 1997 (7th Grade) I was under 40 lbs and under 4'5 ish. In little over 1 year I had reached 90 lbs and was 5'1. Now, age  28, I have reached 109 lbs and have been between 105-109 since! I used it every night taking in 4 cans of ensure a night =1400 calories per night. It really helped me. I'm glad I decided to have it put in! (yes, it was my choice! Mom & Dad told me the pros and cons.) I said I wanted it done, but wanted it done before I could change my mind. Doc. Chatrath had it scheduled the next day! I'm so thankful for it! However, now that I'm finally at 109 lbs and maintaining, I have been drinking the ensure instead of using the Tube.  (btw just because I have had mine for 16 years, it doesn't mean they always are so permanent)

I definitey reccommend to those who just can't gaint weight to get a G-tube. Only in the last few years have I had issues with it. After 16 years of use It is now raw and leaking, which really stings when the stomach acid gets into the cuts/rash. I'm hoping to get it out in the next year or so! However, insurance doesn't pay for ensure plus to drink (they claim it's a choice/ over the counter) BUT with the tube, the ensure plus is considered a need. So its only covered as long as I have the tube (for now). For now it is just decoration..LOL But I'm looking at ways around it!

Okay, Now for the Food part:

I try to live by a couple simple rules: (Set rules and live by them it really helps!)

  1. Never skip a meal (if no time to eat, grab an ensure & granola bar  (350 +170 cals= 520 cals)
  2. Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks at least
  3. Breakfast (must be 500 cals) Lunch (700 cals) Dinner (800 cals)= 2,000 calories
  4. Both Snacks (must be at least 300 cals, like a  yogurt, apple, pretzels)= 600 calories
  5. Drink 1 high cal drink (hot cocoa, smoothie, milkshake)
  6. Drink 3 extra (night feeding) ensures (2 at night, 1 when wake up)=  1050 calories
Total Calories for a day: 2,000 (meals)+ 1,200 (snacks)+ 650 (drink)+ 1050 (ensures)=4,900 cals.

My 3 favorite drink recipes (feel free to change accordingly) Also, it makes more than a  tall mug full.

1. Great Hot Cocoa Recipe (VERY RICH BUT TASTY):
      1.5 cups of whole milk (150+ 75= 225 cals)
      2 Packets of Hot Chocolate (80 x 2= 160 cals)
      1 Scoop of Protein Poweder (100 cals)
      1 Packet of  Rich Choc. Carnation Instant Brkfst (130 cals)
      1 Tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream (52 cals) (add cream at the end & don't blend in)
   TOTAL CALORIES in my Hot Cocoa = 667 calories

2. My Yummy Smoothie Recipe (With Kefir to help digestion/bacteria):
     1 Cup Vanilla or Fruit Flavored Ice Cream (270 cals)
     1 Cup Any frozen fruit (100 cals)
     1 packet Vanilla or Straw. Carnation Instant Brkfst (130 cals)
      1/2 Cup Any Flavor Juice (53 calories)
     1/2 Cup Any Flavor Kefir (50 Cals)
     1 Tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream (52 cals)- (add cream at the end/dont blend in)
TOTAL CALORIES in my smoothie = 655 Calories

3. My Tasty Milkshake Recipe (not as good for you, but indulge):
    1.5 Cups Any Flavor Ice Cream (405 calories)
    3/4 Cup whole milk (112 cals)
    1 Packet of Any Carnation Instant Brkfst (130 cals)
    1 Tbs of Heavy Whipping Cream (52 cals)- (add cream at end/don't blend in)
TOTAL CALORIES in my milkshake - 699 calories
 * feel free to add a candy bar or fruit or any other flavor + extra calories

I can't always follow these rules and make it to the 4,900 calories. I try to follow the meals, snacks, and night ensure drinks. My milkshake, smoothie or cocoa doesn't always happen, but I try!

Other simple rules:
 1. Weigh myself once a week, if I do more than that I become obsessed.
 2. If I'm sick of food and eating- I watch food network, recipe surf online, etc
 3. If I find a food I LOVE, I stick with it for a few days in a row!
 4. I try to not eat out too much, but when I do I take advantage and get the meal with high cals,
 5. I don't listen to people when they comment on how I look. (whether its good or bad)
 6. I set weight goals and work towards them.
 7. Lift weights and work out- muscle lasts :-)

Side note: I'm using BlogLovin now! Follow me on BlogLovin, or let me know if you use BlogLovin! I really like being able to keep all the blogs I read in categories! I search for food & recipies too on bloglovin.  (Read my simple & small BlogLovin reveiw in this past blog post here!)

Not sure if this post will benefit anyone, but I thought it was time I shared my food/weight Journey with the world!

(Extra food Tips found below!)

How can extra calories be added?

Add butter, margarine, or vegetable oil to: breads, toast, crackers, or sandwiches.Potatoes, hot cereals, rice, noodles, soups, or casseroles.

 Add sour cream to: potatoes, rice, pasta, or vegetables. Use as a dip for vegetables, or chips.

 Add mayonnaise to: sandwiches or crackers. dips, salad dressing, or sauces. meat, fish, eggs, or vegetable salads.

Add cream cheese to: raw fruit slices, raw vegetables, bread, toast, or crackers.

Use heavy creams in: soups, sauces, batters, custards, puddings, shakes, mashed potatoes, or cooked cereals.

Add Peanut Butter Powder to: brownies, milkshakes, etc.

Use whipping cream on: pancakes, waffles, fruit, ice cream, pudding, hot chocolate, or other desserts. Mix in cream soups, hot cereals, mashed potatoes, pudding, and custards.

Add brown sugar, maple syrup, or syrup to: hot cereals, cold cereals, fruits, ice cream, or puddings. Use as a glaze on meats, or vegetables.

Add powdered milk to: cereals, potatoes, cream soups, eggs, puddings, gravy, and casseroles. add two to four tablespoons of powdered milk to one cup of whole milk to make "super milk."

 Add cheese to: sandwiches, burgers, toast, crackers, eggs, potatoes, noodles, and snacks.

Add peanut butter to: sandwiches, crackers, toast, fruit slices, vegetables, ice cream, or milkshakes.

Use high-calorie drinks such as: homemade milkshakes, Carnation Instant Breakfast®, Scandishakes®, Pediasure®, Boost®, Boost Plus®, Ensure®, Ensure Plus®, etc.


  1. And add BACON to anything!!!

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  3. I'm really excited to make your smoothie recipe for my husband,who has CF, I think he will really like it. Always looking for new things to make for him.

    1. I know what you mean. Since this post I haven't gotten rid of my G-tube (stomach feeding). I had my Stomach tube for 17+ years, but finally I am able to keep my weight where it should be without it. That being said I'm always trying new options for weight gain! Hope he loves it! Feel free to share any ideas you find on my Facebook: and THANKS!