Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Princeton Walk:

It's official, My hometown will be hosting it's first GreatStrides walk ( Walk for Cystic Fibrosis)!!! I've done 6 walks: 3 in Peoria, IL, 2 in Champaign, IL, and 1 in Hollowayville, IL in the past couple years.

However on
 JUNE 28, 2014!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited to have Princeton have a Walk! My hometown has always been supportive and helped encourage me. My teachers understood when I missed classes, my friends understood when I did my nebulizers while hanging out,, and my family has always been there for me!

What everyone needs to know about the walk:

THIS IS A TRIAL WALK. If we have a good enough turn out at the Walk, it will become a permanent walk site! Which I would love very VERY MUCH!! Please help me make this a reality!

Since this is the FIRST WALK! Before it can become a Walk Site with its own online registration and fundraising pages, we have show them we can bring enough people to the walk!

The Foundation Said:  For this year's Walk will register under TEAM PRINCETON at the Tuscola, IL Walk Site. City of Princeton's Walk Site! Click Here!  (make sure to "join a team"- search for Princeton and scroll down to join the team) Facebook, call or email me if you have questions!

 This allows me to keep tab on the number of people signed up, while allowing everyone who signs up to have an online fundraising website. Registering early, helps me to see about how many people are attending. (helps with food, T-Shirts Counts, etc). So PLEASE consider registering early.  You do not need to walk at the Tuscola Site, just Princetons.

We are justing using their site to sign up for online purposes!

So don't forget sign up UNDER TEAM PRINCETON at the TUSCOLA walk. If you need help, just ask. I can sign you up and help you with it!

Here is a picture of my Team Last year! Thank you to everyone who has ever walked with me and I hope to see you all next year in PRINCETON!

SIGN UP OR DONATE BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK: City of Princeton Walk Teams Registration Page! (make sure to "join a team"- TEAM PRINCETON)

Let's make this walk site a permanent location and have an amazing turn out.Help me spread word. :-)

YAY- HAPPY REGISTERING... I hope.... :-)