Monday, December 2, 2013

CF Doesn' t Own Me & Celebrating!

CF: A part of me:

Some Celebrations are this weekend:
First of all, Happy Birthday to my Dad!  I think my Dad is absolutely Amazing!!! Please take a minute to read all about why he is a phenominal father in this past father's day blog post! Also you can read about a funny story with a simple example for how dad is always there to save the day in this lil past post here!

So besides my Dad's Bday being today, Andew and I put up Christmas/Had a Holiday Dinner yesterday! We put up the Christmas Tree, some decorations, listened to Christmas Music and did some baking!  Here are some of our Christmas/Holiday Pictures!

       Our Tree

Media Center

Above the Couch

Our Hallway Closet Doors :-) Haha!

We used a Clean/New Stomach Syringe for the Turkey! Seriously, supplies double as so much! What other supplies do you use for other things? We used to squirt colored water out of the syringes to color the snow too!

I'm still working on a fun dinning room table set and coffee table centerpiece!
To see last years Christmas Photos: click here
Okay, now back the part in the title "CF Doesn't Own Me", this is why I feel it is important to state that:

I've notcied in the last couple of weeks, that I post a lot of CF related posts on my Facebook. Which is okay, since CF is such a huge part of my life. BUT, I try not to post more than once a day. But sometimes there are some really cool news about Clinical Trials, or CF Walks, or even related to my personal health. But I don't always post about it, in fear I will be posting too much. Or not everyone I'm FB friends with wants to read about CF all the time. Plus, I blog usually 2-3 a week, so that is quite a few posts too! I had a group on Facebook where people could find tips on fundraising for walks and photos from the walks, and get new info! But it isn't a page, therefore I can't post in it (and have it go on regular newsfeed and it won't generate an audience. The whole point of starting a page would be to share about the Princeton Walk, other CF Walks I'm doing, and how family, friends, and the community can get involved. Pages are easier to work with, in that anyone can share them, invite others to them, and keep updated! So I've decided to make a page. Feel free to join the page to stay updated! If you are already in the group, feel free to stay in it or leave. I will be posting everything on the page now, and less often in the group. 

Click here to join/ "like" it!!/CherizCFPage

Updates: Updates on Laura: She got a blood transfusion, and was released to go home on meds & oxygen. So she is still figuring out what to do and how to fight (read about Her fight here!) ,  I'm still waiting to see if I get the tuition back from school, and my Colonscopy is scheduled for Dec 13th. So waiting... I'll keep you all up to date! Oh, and I updated the "MY CF HISTORY page on my blog Read The Updated Page here!

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