Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chuggin Along....I think I can, I think I can!!

Chuggin Along:

I think I can, I think I can... I know, I know, famous words. Who would of thought that the Little Engine that could, would ACTUALLY inspire someone. Well, those are words I repeat sometimes, when I'm trying to accomplish something tough! Putting my own N-G Tube down my nose, changing my Stomach Tube, walking after some of those groan surgeries, and WHENEVER I run... I need that saying.  

It's pretty amazing how certain things can inspire someone! I like to replay certain songs over and over like "you can count on me "by Bruno Mars. I LOVE IT. I know that I'm trying really hard right now to stay inspired to work at getting my lung function back.. I'm 100% Compliant since mid November. Wow, that means I have done 9 nebulizers (breathing treatments, and 45 minutes of my vest)every single day. I'm pretty amazed. See what all my day entails and how I've been compliant HERE! Now.. I haven't been in School the last month, or working (besides studying on my own, and house work). So I have been able to make time for all my meds and stuff I need to do to stay healthy.

But, for some reason my stats are low again. I was at 64% in October after the hospital, and I'm down to 50% again. So on Jan 6th I have my next clinic. So I need to really try hard to get it to come back up in Jan!!! Otherwise, I'll end up on IVs and have to push back my "back to work" start date, which is in two weeks! That will mean not being able to work in Jan either. bummer. SO how can I do that? What should I do?

I've been staying 100% complaint. ----check!
I've gained my weight back & more (at 108 lbs) ----check!
Taking all my pills----Check!
Eating Right-----Check!
Walking More, doing lil exercises----Check!
Sleeping 8 hours a night----Check!

Man, I feel like trying to bring my lung function up/CF has been a full time job lately.

So why am I only at 50% lung function when I was at 64% last month! I have no clue...

BUT if you look in 2012 in September I was also in the 60s for lung function. I wasn't on IVs or any oral antibiotics. I did however, start jogging in May 2012 and did a 5K in September. (Read about the 5K and how I started joggging HERE!)  It was really hard for me ( I have really bad asthma related issues too and wheeze alot), but if I did it once, I can do it again! I need to do more than walk on the treadmill and actually bust out the jogging mode! I feel that jogging really contributed to my high lung function. But, I feel like with all my meds, work, school and life it was too much to jog. But I need to start jogging again now, while I have the time and see if it brings me back up.

The large spike towards  the end is right after my October hospital stay...but the last notch that drops is me on Dec 20th... Hopefully jogging is the key. And its not due to having an infection...

I'm hoping in the next week to add a lot more walking and some jogging into my daily routine to see how it goes. Today is Sunday, so let's see how I do everyday this week with not only meds, but exercise. I'll keep a journal of it and share next sunday with you all!

Who knows maybe I will do another 5K this spring!!!! :-) Even thought it was very tough and it hurt my lungs. I was soo proud and loved the feeling of being able to accomplish it! I'm going to start working towards another 5K! Perhaps, I get a friend to even jog it with me!

Do you have any good exercise tips? or how to start jogging stories to share? Feel free to share them below!


  1. Thanks Kym, the beginning of the week was a so start exercise wise. But I'll kick myself into gear! Hope you and Ed have a great New Years!