Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh the Joys of a Colonoscopy!

Colonoscopy, Fun:

As you may remember from reading my October Posts ( Oct Post #1  & 2nd Oct Post) that I was admitted a second time that month for Gastrointestinal issues. I was having stomach cramps and what was believed to be Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea. However, CT scan revealed my colon and intestines were inflammed.  After having a rough 2 months of GI issues, and cuting out most food (diary, meat, grease, carbonated beverages, and sugar). I finally am getting a Colonoscopy to see what in the world is going on! I'm been taking Probiotics, was on meds for both C. diff and AAD. I even added driking Kefir to add to the probiotics and good bacteria.  Only now am I seeing any changes, less stomach aches, etc. I add a 1/2 cup pf the Kefir to my smoothie, its not bad -yum! I really reccommend it and Probiotics (so talk to your doctor about it), it could really help you out!

Read about Colonoscopies here!

So I'm glad to be getting the procedure done. Instead of being upset about the colonoscopy I'm excited. WHY? AM I CRAZY??? No, I'm excited to perhaps get some answers and will be able to fix it. I've always had GI issues. In fact: At birth I was born with a intestinal blockage and gangrene in my intestines. I've had surgeries for intestinal problems, etc over the years. I've had lots of weird medical complications and issues: Read about cystic fibrosis history here! For a Full history, including my family, school challenges, etc Read an essay I wrote about my history here! So I'm not new or nervous to this type of procedure.
I'm hoping it is a stupid lil problem, like bacteria imbalance. I know the doc said Crohns a couple times, but this test will be able to rule that out.

ANYWAY, that is scheduled for Friday. Apparently, my only choices for appointments were this Friday- FRIDAY the 13th or the day after Christmas...Well...considering the day before the surgery you spend a lot of it in the bathroom (after drinking the ever yummy- so I've heard- Go-Lightly stuff)... I don't think I want spend Christmas emptying my bowels, so I will have it done on Friday the 13th!!! LOL

Oh boy. I know what a pleasant topic for my blog... but hey CF and all that pretty... The two main things it does: Clogs up our organs with mucus and our intestines get clogged with bowel..... So it ain't pretty.  It is tough to write about stuff like this, it is a lil embarrassing, but it is imporant to know all the ways CF affects us, especially the ways it interferes with our lives. But it comes with having a blog and deciding to let the world know all the dirty details about CF.

It isn't all bad though, there are always some perks. Besides the fact my G-tube helped me gain all the weight when I was younger and maintain it through the years, it has some other helpful qualities.

For example, Not wanting to taste the colonoscopy prep liquid. Doc says I can put the Go-Lightly through my G-tube instead of drinking it! I've run water through before, when I was dehydrated and tired. I didn't want to drink anything. So Andrew and I put water through it. Sometimes stomach tubes have perks!


  1. Good luck on the colonoscopy and I hope you get some much needed answers and it is an easy fix. My new obsession is plain kefir drizzled with honey. I don't even really like the taste of honey much, but something about the combo is delicious. Even my 18 month old is pretty obsessed with it.

  2. I have Plain Kefir too ( I use Plain in Smoothies) and I have honey. I will give it a try! Thanks!

  3. How did everything turn out?

    1. No Crohns- YAY! I had an infection, I have an issue with the levels of bacteria in there, So more Probiotics and watch what I eat, and for symptoms of other infections. But no biggie! Whew. Doc's Exact words: "Your intestines are clean and look good..." LOL :-) Thanks for Checking!