Wednesday, December 18, 2013

See Me Struggling, Help a Girl Out

Traveling and my weekend:

I love visiting and traveling, but with CF it can be a little difficult. However, I still always enjoy it.

Andrew and I traveled home this weekend to visit his family (especially his sister, who was also home to celebrate getting her Nursing Degree). We drove home on Saturday, but Andrew had to work on Monday, so he drove back sunday before the weather got too bad. However, my mom invited me to stay with her for a few days to Christmas Shop with her. Its boring shopping by yourself and I still had all my shopping to do for Andrew. So I was very excited to get to shop with mom Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday Night was my sister's (she is a music teacher Pre-K - 8th, including two bands and a choir-whew, she's a busy lady) student's Christmas concert. It was the bands' Concert and both bands did great. It's cute, cuz you can tell she is really proud of them (pretty sure you can see tears in her eyes after they finish) and of course, Mom and I are saps and both tear up because we are proud of her! So Tuesday after the waterworks we went for  dinner and pretty much my time at home was at an end.

Visiting my parents and sister was really nice! I feel like I never see my sister. So I'm very glad that next week I get to spend two days with her at her apartment. Yep, I know, never home...Well I'm back to work in Jan. so I want to make sure to see people if I can during December! Since everything went well with my colonoscopy (Read about the colonoscopy here!) Traveling is a bit of a pain with all the meds, machines, and what not. Plus, with my being on a clinical trial I have to make sure I stay 100% compliant and not miss any meds.

One night while I was home I almost forgot to submitt my diary entry for the night. It is part of the trial, I have to submitt it before midnight. We had gotten home late and I was doing my nebulizers while skyping with Andrew ( I type my responses, since I'm doing nebs, but he can talk while we skype) and I almost didn't get the diary done. At 11:30pm while on my last nebulizer, Andrew asks if I did it this evening. CRAP! I jump up, run down to the guest room, dig it out of my suitcase, and answer the questions just in the nick of time. Whew...

When you are busy and enjoying visiting with others, you tend to forget medical stuff. I'm going to have to make sure to be really diligent about it this christmas. Especially since I'm traveling a lot, but Andrew usually remembers if I don't, so I'm sure it will be fine.

Another problem with traveling is all the luggage. LUGGAGE, LUGGAGE, LUGGAGE! A Suitcase for my clothes, plus therapy machine, acapella, feeding pump, feeding bags, cans, pills, inhalers, nebulizer cups, meds (kept refrigerated). Its a lot to deal with. Plus, when I took the train home today I also had my luggage stuffed with Andrew's presents!  I had a larger carry on, rolling type suitcase, which with my machines and stuff in it weighed basicallly as much as I do . Plus, I had a huge tote bag full of his gifts and more of my stuff, and my purse and a little baggie with a bear claw donut, which I got at the local donut shop called "Nuts for Donuts" (I usually get a maple and bacon, or fruit loop donut, but there are so many amazing kinds I can never choose). The Bear Claw was for Andrew though :-)  Click Here for Nuts For Donuts Facebook Page.

So here I am with all my luggage trying to get up the stairs and board the train. I seriously can't lift my bag...I drag it up two steps and can't make it up the last two. The Conductor guy just stands there, doesn't help or anything. Luckily, a kid (well probably 16), he pushed my bag up behind me to help. the conductor told everyone going to Chicago to the right, but LaGrange to the left. I turned left and unfortunately there were no two seats together. I usually sit in one and put my bag in the other, because I'm too short and not strong enough to lift my bag into the overhead storage. People on planes are more willing to help a girl out, but you have to struggle on trains...So picture this:

I hoist the large suitcase onto my chair, then in a burrst of energy hoist it up onto the top of the seat, then hoist it up to my head, yep, I balance it on my head with one hand and push it up with my head then my left hand and toss it up into the overhead storage. And then just hope it stays.... Whew. It did.I keep thinking to myself "How am I going to get that back down"... They also never came by to scan my ticket. I had to stop one of the guys walking through to announce the next stop. He said "If we don't get your ticket, you will always want to make sure we do, becauses if we don't, then any other reservations you have will be cancelled"...I was thinking okay, but how is this my fault, you are supposed to walk by and scan tickets. I had my ticket out, I sat in the train car you told me to, and you just didn't bother coming to scan mine, because I was the only one getting off at LaGrange, everyone else was in the car before mine (for Chicago). But I just replied "Okay, good to know" And yep, getting off the train was interesting too. I grabbed the handle of the case and pulled it over, and hoped I'd be able to catch it. I did, with a thunk and it landed on the ground quickly after...

So needless to say not the smoothest train ride, but traveling is never easy. If only I was 3 inches taller or my arm muscles were 3 inches thicker...LOL But it ended well, because there was Andrew with a beautiful boquet of (light purple- for CF) roses! Only bad part it the bear claw donut I got for andrew, fell out of the top of my tote on the train (probably when I was getting the suitcase down). It wasn't there, when I went to give it to him. So the surprise I got for Andrew was gone, and here he was with a bunch of roses. I felt bad that I was empty handed, especially since I know he loves his bear claws. I guess I will just make sure to bring a few back with us after Christmas!

Traveling drives me crazy,  but Andrew always knows how to put a smile on my face!

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