Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tech-savvy Thursday- new look!

New Look: Getting Tech-Savvy:

Since, I'm getting more involved in blogging, I decided it was time to give my blog a makeover! eMake-overs are always fun, whether you getting a new hair style, or outfit at the mall. However, I've been researching a lot about blogs and social networking. And I thought it may be time to update my blog's look.     I think I like my new one (at the top) a lot better than the old one (pictured on right). What do you think?

I wanted my blog to feel more personal and I wanted to make it more tech-savy. I kept the black/purple color scheme. But made the purple the main color instead (and made it a softer purple). I then started looking up how to make my own buttons, widgets, etc. It isn't too hard to find tutorials for anything these days, between google, pinterest, and forums, you can pretty much find instructions for anything.

I used a simple code and photobucket to make my own buttons: I think my new Twitter, Facebook, etc Buttons are pretty cute. I wanted to give all my buttons a face lift. So while I was at it I sharpened and changed some of the buttons with links to other pages on my side bars. Laura's Donation link page, my fundraising pages, and the button to the organ donation site all got completely redone. Hahaha, I love my new donate life button... It cracks me up and I'm a huge Potato Head fan. So it is definetely a favorite that I made!

I decided to make it so people can pin my blogs (not that most are really something to pin). But I figured I could pin the recipes or CF tip blogs. That way I can share with more people. Now, any picture/blog can be pinned to pintrest. Each pic has a Pinterest symbol show when you scroll over it, just click and log in to Pinterest to pin it. ( I was pretty excited when I got this to work) Also at the end of each post there is a "pin it" button where you can pin the post too!

I posted a past post below. I took the picture of my smoothie and if you click the link it takes people to the post with the high calorie drinks! I'm looking forward to pinning more ideas. I'm getting really into pinterest. Lots of great ideas and I can't wait to try them all out!

Other High Calorie and Weight Gain tips I re-posted from others on my Food/Weight Board:

Follow Cheriz Kunkel's board Food/ Recipes on Pinterest.

I'm not sure if these will all be good changes, if people will like linking to my otther social media sites. At first, I was afrraid to put all my profiles out there, thought I should be a little more private.
But, as long as I enjoy pinterest, blogging, and overall social media, that's what really matters, as long as I'm smart about it, right? I never put my address, etc. It's a little scary thinking how fast kids can get accounts and share everything with the world. wow. But overall, I'm pleased with the changes and the new look of my blog. what do you think about all my changes? 


  1. Cute changes. Love the purple background.

    1. Thanks! It was fun, I still have a little more to do,but I'm liking it so far!