Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekend Fun, Weather, and Antibiotics

This Weekend Was a Bit Unpredictable:
     Andrew and I went to see Hello Dolly at Drury Lane on Saturday. It was cold out, but roads were drivable. I love Hello Dolly, it is my favorite show! It was absolutely amazing! The lady who played Dolly did a great job. Andrew and I met in Show Choir and through theatre. We were in a show together in the spring and we look forward to directing/producing together in the future! He had never seen Hello Dolly, but I always talked about it. His parents got us tickets to Hello Dolly for Christmas! I was beyond excited! Hopefully, we will see a couple more shows while we live in Chicago.  I had never been to Drury Lane, it was beautiful inside. Loved the huge Christmas Tree (pictured below to the left)

Definitely want to take advantage of where we live and see more shows!

      We went to the Mall beforehand and used some Starbucks Gift cards to get some Apple Cider drinks and one of my favorite stores was going out of business (sad), but we got some of the food for 50%, yummy moose munch- from Harry and Davids! After the show we went to a local restaurant "Two Chefs: Restaurant & Catering". Every time we go there to eat we try new items on the menu. Andrew works there part time (for a 2nd job). He does Catering/Serving there on Saturdays mostly. Saturday was really an amazing date night. I'm glad we drove home and ate locally though, since the weather started getting worse. 
      Then Sunday we got up and ready to set out for a wedding we were attending. My friends Doug and Sara got married Sunday! However, on Friday, Andrew's Car died. So we were down to just my car. Which is horrible in the snow. We drove to the local pharmacy and we were sliding all over. Apparently, the city saw no point in plowing the roads, since it was still snowing. It was -16 degrees too. So, I figured with my car sliding (almost into ditches, any time we touch the brakes), we shouldn't risk it. The snow was still falling, the temperatures were freezing and if we had ended up in a ditch, my lungs would not have been able to handle the cold. Plus, I was going to take my Cayston machine with me (so I could do my afternoon med in the car). However, it was too cold for the my machine to be in the car even. So we started out on the road, realized there was No Way we were going to make it to the wedding, so we just stopped at the dollar store, grabbed a few items for the day and headed back home. I was very bummed to miss the wedding. We ended up just being lazy and then watched some downton abbey (which, clearly, cheered me up a little).

      Man, the weather is soo cold. I can't go outside for too long or it hurts my lungs. I was supposed to have Clinic yesterday (Monday). It was negative 40 wind chills and my car was under a pile of snow, not to mention I hate driving it when roads aren't clear. I called Doc and asked to reschedule. They said they'd try to reschedule me for the same day as my clinical trial appointment on the 17th. So my Clinic is (hopefully) going to be then. At this upcoming clinic, Doc is going to see where my PFT (Pulmonary function test) scores are, because they have been running quite a bit lower than usual. I'm been wheezing and coughing more too. I think it is the weather, so hopefully now that I have been on Anitbiotics (oral Cipro) for a couple days, I'll start to feel like I'm getting back to normal. I've been trying to do more (exercise wise), but since I have been sick, I haven't done much. I'm also watching carefully for an allergic reactions, since I've had a few rashes in the past on Cipro. But apparently with what I culture the 3 antibiotics used to treat my infections are all in the family of meds I'm allergic too. So we are sticking with Cipro for now. Hopefully, this will clear whatever has been running me down!
       A friend of mine suggested I find an easy to do, couch to 5k program, which I've been looking into. I'm proud I have done one 5k, (Read about my first 5k that I did- right here!) but I really want to do another one this year. But I want to get a better time, meaning I need to train better. The treadmill I have is coming in handy on these freezing days where I can't jog outside! Can't wait to see what happens at my next clinic! I think I'll use this pin I found to give me a jump start.

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