Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Pin Challenge for January! (Pin #2)

  January Pinterest Challenge: 

Remember that I said each month (Read About My Pinterest Challange HERE) I would try a Pin from one of my Pinterest Boards! Well, I'd like to share the Snowman Ornament Pin and the frosted Wine Glass Pin!! I made these for a couple friends this year for Christmas. I have a couple friends that I trade ornaments with and I'm already planning mine for next year! And I gave wine glasses to a couple friends as well. Both worked out really cute! They were simple pin to do! I changed a couple things, just to make it cheaper and for my own personal taste.

Here are the Pins I tried out:


I took some pictures to help show how I re-created the look of both. First I will show the steps for the wine glass.. First of all, buy a wine glass (Dollar Store has them for $1 or buy bulk at Wal-mart, etc). You will need rubber bands ($1-dollar store) and frost spray ($7 at Hobby Lobby or Micheals).

Secondly, put rubber bands around the glass, in whatever pattern you would like. Make sure they don't come off. I varied the sizes of rubber bands too. Then you are ready to spray the glass. Make sure not to hold it too close (you don't want a build up of spray), give it a nice even coat. If after it dries it looks like it needs another coat, then just keep coating until you get the coverage you need.  (picture to left: sprayin in my pjs on the patio in winter...oh yeah, notice my hospital band on my wrist....haha newly released from hospital) I really love how the glasses turned out! My first one turned out not quite right. I sprayed too
close to the glass and had build up on certain areas. However, after the first one they turned out quite nice!

I'd definitely do them again in the future. However, I found another pin where you can glitter them and dip the stems into chalkboard paint. So guests can write their names on the bottom. So that might be the next wine glass project I try out!


Now for the adorable snowman ornaments! I loved these. I used frosted ornaments instead of the clear glass ones. I had already bought a big box of frosted ones last year on "after Christmas" clearance. You just need a couple pipe cleaners (1 per 2 snowman), 2 poms (.75 mm size) per one ornament, and orange and black acrylic paint& a paintbrush for the face. Also, using a hot glue gun works best to attach the ear muffs.

First, I painted the faces and let them dry. I used a fine point paintbrush for the nose. But I found it was easier to paint the round eyes and mouth "made out of coal" by using a Q-tip. Note: After a couple ornaments the fuzz will get messed up on the Q-Tip and the perfect round circles will get messy. So switch out for a new Q-tip when you notice this happening.  Otherwise, painting the face was simple, no real art skills are needed.

After the face is completely dry, you can move onto attaching the ear muffs. I bought sparkly red pipe cleaners and pom poms. (note 1 mm is too big, but .5 looks a little too small, so use .75 mm sized). I hot glued both ear muffs on (note put them centered on sides, but slightly forward). Then put a dab of hot glue just behind the muffs and attach each end of the pipe cleaner to the glue. (pre-cut the pipe cleaners to the size you want) You can make the pipe cleaners as long and arched as you want, or shorter. I got 2 snowmen per 1 cleaner.

I just tired Raffia for the string to hang them with. However, you could use string or curling ribbon!

I think they turned out really cute! And these really helped me save money this year. And they gave me something to do when I was stuck at home after being in the hospital!

I'm glad we saved a little money with Christmas, because in January, not only were we told we needed to replace all my tires, but Andrew's windshields needed replaced. One windshield burst into a million bits and the other had a huge crack. So our vehicles should allow us a break for a while from fixing them!

To check out other Products I've tried from Pinterest go to Pinterest Profile HERE!- I have a board called "Been There, Tried That, Done!" And I hope you enjoy!

In other news: I have my next clinical trial on Feb 13. At my last clinic my lung function was around 54% so still working on that! And I'm still keeping up with my working out/ exercise regime. Except for the few days after I crashed landed on the sidewalk. Haha, so bruised.  But now I'm back to my ol' self and will be working harder. I will keep everyone updated about Laura and everything that is going on too!

If you want to join me in a Pin Challenge, you can do your own and post about it. Then add it to the link I will post! Next challenge is do on March 1st! :-) Enjoy Pinning, Creating, and Blogging!

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