Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Apologies and Thanks

Sorry and Thank You!

First of all, let me state that I don't mind living here. I don't mind the Chicago area I live in. BUT, I miss my family and friends! I miss those weekly family lunches we have, and hanging with my mom and my dad. Dad doesn't do facebook, and he's so busy; we only get to talk to him when we are home. I miss that. I miss taking afternoon walks with Sarah, or car cruises with Amanda! I miss taking my babysitting kids to the park and library! But there are pluses to living in this area. There are way more options for stores, restaurants, etc. However, living on a strict budget to save up for other things I want, means not really exploring those places much. Luckily, I keep pretty busy just working, doing typical stuff (like grocery shopping, pharmacy runs, library runs, etc)! Also, this CF walk has been keeping me on my toes! So to all my family and friends sorry we can't see each other more. I just have been crazy busy! Plus, Andrew works 30+ hours a week and takes 18 credit hours of school. So literally, he has one day off. Otherwise is working or in class from 10am-11pm pretty much. On his one day off he is either working at a 2nd job doing caterings or we do errands and projects that day. This summer will give us a lot more time. He won't be in school and I won't have as many other commitments (weddings, CF Walks, etc). So family and friends, sorry. Miss you! If anyone wants to take the train up for the day to visit - just let me know! Andrew may be busy, but I can ask off a day from work (they only schedule me 10-20 hours a week). Ok..that's the apology part...

now for the thanks... 

As you know (see above tab or  click "Princeton Walk!") I'm hosting a CF Walk... yeah, you have probably heard a lot about it. But that is just because it is so important. Important to me, to my CF friends, and all of the CF community! Want to know why it is so important to find a cure... Read about my friend Laura's Struggle in these past blogs: (Laura's Fighting for Her Life , Calling All Who Care , and We Need Lungs Now!) This disease can be tough! So THANKS to everyone who is helping, has helped, or planning on helping with the CF Walks! I do many CF Walks throughout the year! See all CF Walks and Fundraiser Events I'm doing in 2014 by clicking " Fundraising Events!" ( or see above tab). I'm also starting our OWN CF WALK (GreatStrides Fundraiser) in Princeton on June 28th! We have over 30 walkers already and a few companies have even donated food costs! Thanks to "Memories by Jan-Video Service" and "Daniel J Miller Chiropractic Clinic for the food cost donations!

We still need...

Some type of live band or music... for the post party and registration. And we are always looking for people that want to run a game or booth, like facepainting, etc... Also we need to make flyers, signs, buy paper plates, napkins, etc. So donations towards the cost of the walk is greatly appreciated! Don't forget it is tax deductible!  I have all this info on my CF facebook page ( located on the right hand side of my blog)!

Princeton Community is amazing!
This community has always supported me, helped me, and cheered me on! I'm looking forward to seeing how big this walk can get and how much we can raise for CF research for a cure! Invite everyone and help me spread word!!!! CAN'T WAIT Princeton!!!!

Also can't wait for my sister to come visit tomorrow and I have Clinic on Thursday morning!  I will keep you all updated on how my lung function is... (fingers crossed for some increase)

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