Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back Work, My Clinical Trial, & the Final Countdown! (Pin #3)


I want to take a little time to update everyone! First of all, as you know I took a medical withdrawal from school and took a medical leave from work. I've been back to work for about 2 weeks and I'm sooo glad to be back. We switched my hours from store closer (close 1am) to the opener (open 9:30am). Day shift is much more conducive to doing all my nebulizers, eating, working out, etc. Plus, we have a new store manager, who had a best friend with CF. Sadly, her friend passed away when she rejected her new lungs. But thanks to thanks to that friendship my boss understands completely and checks-ins with me to make sure I'm keeping up! Withc is nice to know she cares! She makes sure the scheduling works with my meds too!  I HAVE been doing them all. Still 100% compliant with my nebs since I started the Trial in November! so 3 months compliant with all 9 breathing treatments and all the oral pills I take too! So yay!

 As far as the medical withdrawal from school. I finally got a call about the appeal I filed for my tuition back. They called me Monday saying I will know by the end of this week. So if they don't call by Friday, I will be calling Monday morning! I want all that money back, why have a loan out, when I can get my money back and pay it off. I have enough student loans from Undergrad, I don't need anymore, thanks! As I said I'm 100% compliant with nebs since my clinical trial started in November, which means I'm halfway done with it! Only 4 more months! After the trial is over, I'm going to push to get my G-tube taken out Read about why I want it out here! My weight is still doing good and hopefully at my next clinic on the 13th I will improve in lung function too. I'm currently 50%. I tend to be low 60s- high 50s. So I need to get it back up to the 60s!!! I'm working on it, but its not improving like I want it too. With my being back to work, I have a little less time to concentrate on health, but I know it's a priority. Also, in my spare time I'm planning a CF WALK in my hometown- PRINCETON, please consider joining us: Read my last post about the CF WALKS here!  In 4 months is the CF Walk and my clinical trial ends around that time too, so I will find out around that time whether my tube gets taken out too! Gotta work hard the next four months to make sure it all turns out the way I have hoped! Okay, now for an update on Laura, she is still fighting and trying to get through the transplant evaluation, she still needs to raise a lot of money though! On the lower right hand side of my blog I have a link to her donation page if you want contribute!

I'm trying to use my time wisely to manage everything, make sure the apartment is clean, I get some real estate homework done, I can work all my hours at Family Video, and try to spend a lot of time promoting the CF Walks. I'm trying to lift weights and use the treadmill every couple days too! I feel like I'm always busy..Right now I'm not attending classes at a campus and I'm not doing any theatre, so its a little better than usual. What's it like being me? Well, a friend shared a great Article about "Spoon theory" Blog about the theory & walking in my shoes!

But I do find ways to save time. For example: My Pin-Challenge I was about to post for February is the yogurt bites that I make:

 Also I made some frozen smoothie packets too which I saw on Pinterest. Not the most attractive cookie tray, but you get the idea! I just freeze spinach for my smoothies, also I keep Kefir & milk always in the fridge. Love my Kefir smoothies! To the right is a picture of the yogurt bites, just pour yogurt into a ziploc bag and snip off one corner. Squeeze out into  lilttle bite sized bits onto the cookie sheet and freeze, I just store mine in a freezer bag. I love the variety of
flavors yoplait yogurt has available. Some of my favorites include: Blueberry, Key Lime Pg ie , Strawberry Cheesecake!

They don't shave a lot of calories, but they are sooo tasty! My boyfriend eats them more than me, just because I opt for more calories like pretzels or something.

I save time by freezing some meals ahead too. We usually make dinner that is big enough for 3-4 people, so we can re-heat the next day for dinner or lunch. I'm on the go for work now, so I can just heat up leftovers when I get home and not have to cook a whole meal, which I can be too tired to do (depending on how many hours I worked). Anyway, those are just some of my time saving tips! And hopefully, this was a better update on everything that has been happening!

 Thanks for following along, let me know if I forgot to update you on anything or have any ?s! THANKS!

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