Thursday, March 20, 2014

Live near Princeton? Like Culvers? Wanna Cure CF?

Culver's in Princeton:

Some fun stuff and exciting news! I came home (to my hometown) on the train on Tues! I decided to spend a lot of time with my family! I got to hang out with my Mom and Uncle Brian on Wed! We went for dinner with my Uncle Dan! We walked through the mall afterwards and I found a new pair of dress pants that I LOVE! And I really needed them. Haha, since October I've been around 108 lbs. I'm not having any trouble recently keeping weight on! I eat 3 big meals a day, and maybe one late night snack (high calorie healthy smoothie or I splurge and have a hot cocoa). I try to be good with sugars/carb though due to my "maybe being diabetic." I go next week for my bone density scan and then the week after my diabetes test! But ever since October, my weight is not nearly as much of an issue! Sadly, I out grew most of my pants. I have one pair of jeans that fit nicely, and one that are tight! My 2 pair of dress pants did not come near to buttoning though, so I've been using safety pins at work to keep them on for the last 3 months. I'm now a medium-large in tops too, no larger an extra small. Its crazy!!!! 95-110 lbs really put some curves on me! Whenever I come home I eat out more too, so of course I've put more on in the last few days too!

So what's this about Culvers? Well, great news!!!! Culvers in Princeton is doing a 10% fundraiser night in Princeton for the CF Foundation (as part of our Princeton Walk efforts). Here's the deal: In order of us to get 10% of what you purchase at Culver's between 5-8pm on JUNE 28th, you NEED to bring a lil card (I have) to show you are there for THE FUNDRAISER! So I will pass them out at the walk! And I will be bringing them to Princeton (in two weeks) and I will place them at different stores, places around town to pick them up as well!!! So if you can't make it to the walk or know other who cant, but you want to eat at Culvers to help! Go to one of locations (I'll post them later) and get some cards for you and your friends. I'm so excited Culvers is willing to do this!  Princeton could really make a great impact on CF research that weekend! I got some more contacts to talk to about donations and sponsors too! I turned in more donation letters/forms at places too, including Wal-Mart, etc. So hopefully, I will hear back in the next couple weeks, before I come home for my birthday!

I've loved getting involved over the years with Great Strides! My first walk was in 2008 (Champaign & Peoria), then I did Champaign 2 other years and Peoria in 2012 & 2013. I did Hollowayville, IL in 2013.

In 2008, I only raised a couple hundred. Over all the walks and fundraiser with CF Foundation over the years since 2008, I (and my AMAZING TEAM) have raised over: $5,000 and this year I hope to raise more than double that! 

Let me know if you want to help out or donate at the Great Strides (button/link) on the upper left hand side! And I will keep everyone updated on my test results in the next couple weeks!

SOOO EXCITED! Get ready for some Culvers on June 28th between 5-8pm. Make sure to contact me for the fundraiser card so the 10% goes to CF Foundation!

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