Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lung Function Results & Some Tests!

Clinic & Tests!

Yep, today was my clinic appointment and my clinical trial appointment. Both in one day, saves me from taking multiple days off from work. It still can't tell if I'm on the placebo or real med yet... But the Clinical Trial is going well! My Clinical Trial only has 3 months left and then I'm done! Which means doc will be able to change my meds then:-) I know he's planning on taking me off the 5 mg of Prednisone. And I want to be taken off advair completely and my acid reflux pills to be "when needed" instead of everyday. I've gone without Advair before for almost a month and didn't notice a difference. My old Doc at the old clinic I went to put me on it, but I never thought it did much. We'll see...We also dicussed further my getting my stomach tube out. Why do I want it out? Find out in the post Tu-Be or Not Tu-Be (haha cheesy title, I know).  AND GUESS WHAT!!! He said I'm headed the right way! I haven't used it since October!!!!! And my weight is still increasing! I'm 108 lbs!!!! WHOO HOO! 108... I haven't been that since I was in High School! Highest weight in over 10 years!

 (Note: Weight Chart is on the -side this chart represents my over the last couple years...)

I do have to get a Dexa-scan (bone density exam) done. My last one was in 2003 and he just wants to make sure my bones haven't gotten worse. Also, I'm getting tested for Diabetes again. I've been borderline for a while and haven't been tested since 2011. I've been showing a few signs that could indicate diabetes, but could just something else too. So we will have to see. I'm not really worried though. Those two tests both need to be done in the next few weeks. I might go ahead and do the Dexascan next week on a day off.  I'll keep you all updated on those results too!

I told Doc about the CF walk and invited him. I asked him if he would come and talk about the importance of the fundraising, he said he'd check. If he could he would, but he thinks that might be mini-vacation he has planned with his son... So he might not make it. But he thought it was very awesome that the Princeton Community is coming together to support CF research and really wished he could be there. But hopefully, next year!

And Lastly, the biggest nerve racking thing: LUNG FUNCTION! Yipes. As you can see from the chart...

I've struggled in the past to bring it up! However, today I did 55% and doc was happy with that. Last clinic I was 53% and I average around 50s. In October (right after IV antibiotics) it jumped to 64% then slowly went back to 50s. So since starting with Doc B, I've brought it up from the 30s and kept in the 50s! I'm not letting it go down! No Way! So excited to feel like I'm back on track finally from being sick last fall!

Hopefully this will continue another upward trend! I'm hopeful, since I've been feeling pretty good and doing all my meds! Also if you want to help keep me accountable for doing my meds. Consider donating to to the GreatStrides (Princeton CF Walk Link- Donate or Join Here!) CF Walk. Because for every $250 our walk raises, I promise to do a full week of meds :-)

Well, I guess that's all for now! Hope you are as excited about my Clinic Results as I am. They aren't the best, but they are the right direction! Just gotta keep it up!

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