Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Stomach Problems & Weight

All the little problems:

  In case you are waiting to hear back about the results, let me start by saying I don't have results. BUT, the dates for the tests are set up! I also know Dr B is going to get the results to the Bone Density scan at my next Apt on the 10th of April. I'll have my Diabetes test that week too. So by the end of April I will know if I have osteoperosis and diabetes. Both things I have always had issues with and knew some day I could end up with problems with either or both. I was taking calcium supplements to make up for the lack of calcium I eat and drink. I dont drink milk (it tends to make me throw up), and I have limited how much other dairy I eat. I limit dairy, grease, spicy foods, carbs, sugar and I drink non-caffiene drinks. I don't really eat chocolate and only allow myself "fun coffee" drinks once every couple months (Christmas, etc). Why do I do this? Well, I have issues with energy ( it flucates too much), I've had seizures, and I have lots of stomach issues. The stomach pains can leave me doubled over sometimes. I was told to cut out the caffiene for both my seizure issues and my stomach issues. Limiting the other foods helps limit my stomach issues and by eating is healthy I can maintain my energy and hopefully avoid any future problems. Overall, I have noticed my energy and "other problems" all have been a lot better since I changed my diet over a year ago. The number of seizures has decreased dramatcially and I haven't had any major joint freezes/ arthtritis flare up since. The spots may show up when my body is over tired, and the joints ache, but they haven't froze up on me in over 9 months! Read about all my Arthritis problems in these past Arthritis posts!
      Now, how do I gain weight avoiding all these foods? Well, I do gain weight. I take my enzymes, probitotics and eat three large meals a day. I used to just graze all day, but anyone who knows me, also knows I don't many high calorie foods. So in college when I used to eat grapes all day, a bowl of cereal for breakfast,  have a sandwich for lunch, and eat something small for dinner, I never gained weight. And yes, that is obviously why, but I was too busy to even think about it or take the time to make meals. Besides I was small, I had CF, it was normal to be small. So I didn't worry too much about it, I did my somtach feeding at night and that made up for the calories I was missing. This enabled me to maintain my weight, perhaps not gain, but at least maintain the 93-97 lbs. However, in the last two years I have taken more time to eat more food at meals (making sure I reach a certain number of calories), I also do not snack like I used to, I have found by not eating as much in between meals, allows me to be hungry for the mealtimes and I eat a larger amount of food. I eat one late night snack at night. Either a high calorie/ healthy smoothie, or some sort of fridge leftovers from dinner. Food and I have always had a love/hate relationship. When you are encouraged to eat and gain weight all the time it gets frustrating. I'm glad in the last couple years I have found a diet that works so much better for me. Read about how well I'm doing Weight Wise in in this post where I dicuss future plans to get my G-tube out! I'm hoping my efforts in the last couple years have helped me steer away osteoperosis and diabetes. I know in 2008 when I had my last dexascan done they told me I needed to be careful because I was headed towards osteoporosis and in 2008 and 2011 I was getting closer to diabetic too. Which means I've been borderline for 5 years.
     I've done a lot of research and talked to many docs over the years about all my issues. I feel like I've finally found a way to control most of my secondary issues. As long as I follow this diet and lifestyle I can focus on my therapies and lung function too! Which is the goal! I want to get my lung function back as much as possible. I know it can reach 64% (since it was in October), so I'll keep working at everything and hopefully, I'll see results that show the hard work I have done!

Me in 2010 - around 92 lbs.                         &                           Me in 2013 at 108 lbs!

I love my curves and plan on keeping them! I'll keep you updated on all the little problems! (And my last 2 posts shared some exciting news 1. Thanks to Culvers and 2. My getting in contact with some ol' CF friends! ) So hopefully, good news is the trend and it will continue!

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