Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunny Side

    I'm not talking about how I like my eggs. I'd like to take this blog entry and discuss some things that are going amazing! First of all, as you may remember my stomach issues had returned (I wrote about this in my last post- see it here). Well, thankfully, other than some stomach aches, its hasn't been to bad. I think the worst is over and I'm getting better! I had a sinus infection a week or so ago too, but I was able to beat it on my own! I've haven't gotten over anything without any anitibiotics in years, like since HIGH SCHOOL! On the topic of antibiotics, I think I have done fairly well. Its almost been 5 months since I was on IVs and I haven't needed any oral antibiotics (other than my usually 3 doses of zithromax a week. So yay! I am still shocked I got better from my last "whatever it was" without extra meds! I was even working 6-8 days at work everyday. I think this is where having a significant other helps and really shows me how much of a difference one person can make! When I was sick in the past, I was either single or in a relationship with people (I didn't see very often). Since they weren't around as much, they couldn't help, they couldn't make my meds and put the nebs in my mouth while I'm half sleeping. They couldn't make dinner and do the dishes. Andrew can and does. He is very pro-active about my health and thinks ahead! He really is amazing, if you didn't read about what he planned for our 1 year anniversary: check it out HERE! I think that is the main reason I always needed the extra meds to make me get better, I was trying to juggle health, school, and work! Because it takes a lot of extra time and effort for me to do anything while I'm sick. It takes all my energy to go to work, drive home, do my meds and I pass out. I don't make food to eat, I don't drink any fluids, I'm too tired to do the meds even properly. But its different now, because I don't have to worry about as much. Whew. SO thankfully, I'm back to myself. I'm actually hungry and have more energy. Of course, with my working 8 hours days it takes a lot of energy out of me, but I've learned to take it easy and not do as much at night ( as you may know, I'm the type of person whois always doing stuff, joining clubs, etc).

And I'm really liking this having more time to do simple stuff, like eat. Since I'm not running around everynight after work I can take time to do meds, eat, keep healthy! And this amazing weather definitely helps! Today, Andrew and I even got to FINALLY walk a portion of the walk path! It was really nice walking around the lake, if we would of had more time we could of done the whole path! It was a little windy,  but it was nice to be able to get outside!

The winter is always really tough, the cold kills my lungs, so I'm always very thankful for warm weather! I hope it continues to warm up and maybe (if really lucky) I will get a sunny & warm birthday! Speaking of my birthday... I will be 29 years old on Sunday, April 6th! 29, wow, one more year til I'm 30! I've been constantly told by people (nurses, some doctors, peers, and the media) that I wouldn't live to see 10, 18, 30, etc! Did you know that the life expectancy is still rising???? Every couple years (thanks to the meds and research) the expectancy tends to rise with the new advances being made. Currently, the age is changing from 37 to 40 years! I want to see this number to continue to rise. Not because I want to live longer, but I want everyone with CF to have a chance to live a full and amazing life! (Plus, since I have CF, if I did have a child- in the future- through surrogacy, etc, it has a 50% of having CF and would be definitely a carrier. so my grandchildren may have CF, or my sister's future kids. Ada could be a carrier too) This is very important to me and my family! So I posted this on facebook, but I will share with my blog buddies too! Here was my birthday wish and idea:

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